China's display of force at Tibetan religious festival

6th March 2015

Tibetans express distress as major prayer festival flooded with military

Latest images (below) from Tibet show a huge military parade taking place in front of a major monastery in Amdo, with armed soldiers and armoured vehicles out in force. The exercise is taking place at the Monlam Prayer festival at Kumbum Monastery, an important Tibetan Buddhist site.

Tibetans victimised

Large number of Tibetans have travelled hundreds of miles to attend the prayer rituals. Some have taken to social media to address their dismay at the presence of such a show of force. Radio Free Asia reports Tibetans asking whether they were “supposed to watch the army or watch the prayer festival" and others expressing their fear: “I was so afraid that I forgot to pray." As the Tibetan New Year draws to a close, similar prayer festivals will be taking place all over Tibet and in response China has militarised many parts of Tibet.

Take Action

Join us in London for the Tibetan Uprising March or a rally near you. If you are unable to attend the main rally in your country or if there isn't one, perhaps you could mark the day with a message on Facebook or by organising a small vigil in your local area. If you already have one organised, please let us know and we'll let supporters know in your area, email Photos also available on Flickr.