China targets Tibetans after station massacre

7th March 2014

Police demand information on monks and “suspicious” Tibetans Following the deadly knife attack which killed 29 people and injured over a hundred others at Kunming railway station in southern China last Saturday notices have been issued by police in some Chinese-dominated parts of Tibet demanding information on Tibetans. There is no known link between the massacre and Tibet. It is believed that the crime was carried out by ethnic Uighur separatists from the Xinjiang region.

Discrimination against Tibetans

The notices have been posted in two areas of eastern Tibet, hundreds of kilometres from Kunming. One, from Qinghai province, requires property owners to report visitors from Xinjiang, Uighurs and “Tibetan monks”. The other, from Gansu Province, is a “wanted” poster for two Xinjiang natives who have allegedly fled the area but adds:

“If anyone finds information about these two persons or any other suspicious Xinjiang and Tibetan people, please report to the local police station immediately.”

The notices have been circulated by Tibetans on social media and many have condemned the racial discrimination they contain.

China’s repression of ethnic minorities

Like Tibetans, the Muslim Uighurs of Xinjiang in northwest China suffer severe discrimination and repression by the Chinese state. Many Uighurs seek independence from China. The area of Xinjiang has seen significant unrest in recent years, with both Uighurs and members of the security forces killed in violent clashes.

Take action

Hotels in Lhasa are also required to racially profile guests and report Tibetans to the police. Tell Intercontinental Hotels Group – which plans to open a luxury hotel in Lhasa this year – that they cannot become an arm of China’s police state. Join the boycott of Intercontinental hotels. small_action4.jpg