China opens fire on Tibetans

14th August 2014

Ten seriously injured; township under lockdown

Peaceful Tibetan protesters have been seriously injured by security forces in Kardze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Two Tibetans are confirmed to have been shot and others injured. Their conditions are not known and communication lines have now been shut down in the area.

Tibetans forced to celebrate

Tibetans had been ordered to carry out a welcome celebration for visiting senior Chinese officials. After the celebrations Wangdak, the village leader, and other locals made a complaint about the officials harassing female members of the community’s dance troupe. They also objected to the authorities calling a traditional horse race and a prayer festival in the area illegal. Wangdak was arrested at midnight.

Tibetans shot

The next day, on 12 August, around a hundred Tibetans gathered at the local government offices to protest when Chinese armed security forces from neighbouring Sertha county arrived and deployed tear gas and live ammunition on the crowd. Wangdak's son and brother Sangpo were both shot and other Tibetans were injured.

Injured missing

They were taken away by security forces but family members were told they were taken for medical treatment. No information is available as to where they are. On 13 August, Shukpa village was surrounded by armed forces. Many of its men had left the village to avoid arrest but the security forces beat and interrogated family members including women and children. In April a lone Tibetan protester in Kardze was arrested and his whereabouts still remain unknown.

Take Action

Tibetans are constantly under surveillance and subject to arrest at any time. Since 2012 at least eleven singers have been arrested, joining thousands of other political prisoners in this occupied country. Please take action.