China continues to intensify campaigns on “Ethnic Unity” in Lhasa

Ethnic unity law campaigns are intensifying.
Ethnic unity law campaigns are intensifying.
Ethnic unity law campaigns are intensifying.
12th August 2020

Ethnic unity regulations have been brought into place since May this year.


Last month, all counties in Lhasa held various campaign activities dedicated to the study of “Regulations on the Establishment of a Model Area for Ethnic Unity and Progress in the Tibet Autonomous Region”, according to Free Tibet’s research partner Tibet Watch. 

These activities included concentrated studies, special lectures, hanging banners and organizing examinations to  learn and propagate the regulations. 

Over 400 party members in the Chushu (Chinese: Qushui) County took the examination by the Chinese Government, according to Tibet Watch. The contents of the examination is mainly based on the Ethnic Unity policy, and then an exposition of Xi Jinping‘s ethnic policy for Tibet.

Students and teachers in Dholun Dechen District were instructed to study and publicize the regulations and campaign activities. The CCP are reportedly particularly keen to firmly establish the concept of national unity among students and young people.

These campaign activities follow on from an ethnic unity law that was passed in January this year, which came into effect on 1 May. The campaigns have steadily been intensified across Tibet. 

The ethnic law makes it mandatory for “ethnic unity” between Tibetans and other ethnic groups to be promoted in Tibet.