Authorities in Tibet launch campaign to promote marriage between Tibetan and Han Chinese people

Previous promotion of marriage between different ethnicities in 2014.
14th May 2020

The campaign was launched following the introduction of the controversial new Ethnic Unity law on 1 May.

Authorities in Tibet have launched a series of campaigns to promote its Ethnic Unity Law, which came into force on 1 May. 

The Regulations on the Establishment of a Model Area for Ethnic Unity and Progress in the Tibet Autonomous Region, which were passed in January this year, make it mandatory for  “ethnic unity” between Tibetans and other ethnic groups to be promoted in Tibet. 

Following the introduction of the law, authorities have been proactive in encouraging marriage between people of different ethnicities in Tibet. This includes using government incentives like scholarships for children who are born from these relationships and cash rewards. 

September has been announced as a month for the promotion of ethnic unity, while schools, colleges, the military, non-government organisations and other institutions including social media groups have been told to propagate the message of support for mixed ethnicity marriage, Tibet Watch said.

The new law has put pressure on the Tibetan people, Tibet Watch said, adding that it is an attempt to incorporate Tibetan culture and identity into the People’s Republic of China. 

The Ethnic Unity Law was introduced following a call from Xi Jinping to create a new approach to ethnic unity. 

On 27 September 2019, Xi delivered a speech at an event in Beijing to honour “role models for ethnic unity” in China. He spoke about the importance of promoting exchanges between ethnic groups and strengthening CCP leadership over ethnic affairs.

Xi said party leadership needed to foster inter-ethnic mingling, manage ethnic affairs and punish acts of splitism, extremism and terrorism. He called for people of all ethnic groups to unite for common prosperity, development and a bright future.

The drive to assimilate different ethnicities in Tibet started before the enactment of this new law and originally began on 18 June 2014 with official promotion of  “ethnic harmony” and stability in Tibet, Tibet Watch said.

Chen Quanguo, the former party secretary of Tibet has said it was the most effective way to resolve the long-standing challenge of incorporating  Tibet and the Uyghur region into the People’s Republic of China , Tibet Watch said.

The latest legislation was originally approved by authorities in January this year and was reported by Free Tibet.


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