Authorities organise a campaign to teach Tibetan monks and nuns law online

10th August 2020

The campaign combines online activities to teach law, organised by the Department of Justice, and the Religious Affairs Bureau of the so-called Tibet Autonomous Region.


Chinese authorities carried out a campaign on 1 May to teach law to monks and nuns in the so-called Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), Free Tibet’s research partner Tibet Watch has said.

The Department of Justice and the Religious Affairs Bureau of the TAR ran the campaign which focused on the use of online law learning activities for the monks and nuns. 

The “online law popularisation activities” have been integrated with lessons on the constitution, national security law, anti-terrorism law and cyber security law, Tibet Watch said.

Over 30,000 monks and nuns reportedly participated in the campaign across the TAR and a total of 5,361 “online popularization activities” were organized, according to Tibet Watch. 

In April last year, official exams were held in religious institutions across the so-called Tibet Autonomous Region, Free Tibet reported.

An official state website said 30,000 monks and nuns have been given legal knowledge exams by the Justice Department of Tibet Autonomous Region, the United Front Work Department and the Religious Bureau of the TAR.

The exams have happened at Tibetan Buddhist sites which include the three major monasteries in the Tibet Autonomous Region, Sera, Gaden and Drepung.