UK government uses hundreds of Hikvision cameras against its own advice

17th November 2021

An investigation by Free Tibet has found that at least three UK government departments are using CCTV cameras made by Hikvision, the Chinese company which is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and is implicated in the oppression of Tibetans and Uyghurs.

Using Freedom of Information requests to every government department, we discovered that the Department of Health and Social Care, Department for Work and Pensions and Ministry of Justice all make use of Hikvision cameras, with hundreds of the cameras installed in Jobcentre Pluses used by the public every day.

Hikvision has been found to be supplying equipment for use in surveillance in Tibet, and in Uyghur internment camps. When the money that UK taxpayers give to the government is spent on Hikvision equipment, it supports a company that helps create a surveillance state in Tibet. Some of that money could even go to the Chinese government to be used to commit atrocities against Tibetans. 

Our investigation also uncovered that the Ministry of Defence advises government departments not to use Hikvision equipment, meaning that several government departments are ignoring the advice of those responsible for keeping the UK safe from outside threats.

Free Tibet is calling on the Foreign Secretary to ban Hikvision from the UK and stop funding Chinese government oppression. You can help stop UK taxpayers’ money paying for genocide by signing our petition.