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Free Tibet poll finds three-quarters of Brits want Chen Quanguo banned

21st April 2021
A new poll commissioned by Free Tibet and conducted by polling company Survation has found that 75% of the UK...Read more

Six Tibetans arrested ahead of CCP’s centenary celebration

21st April 2021
Whereabouts of Tibetan writers and former political prisoners remain unknownRead more

Tibetans detained and interrogated for burning incense

15th April 2021
The detentions in eastern Tibet led to the arrest of Thubten PhuntsokRead more

Massive gold mining operation underway in eastern Tibet

15th April 2021
Local Tibetan residents grow concerned about the environmental impact and the lack of consent for the project.Read more

Tibetan man imprisoned for posting ‘illegal’ contents on WeChat in 2014

30th March 2021
Tashi Gayal shared photographs of the Dalai Lama which are banned in Tibet by the Chinese government.Read more

China bans UK and EU citizens and groups

26th March 2021
China retaliates by imposing their own sanctions against 9 UK citizensRead more

Western sanctions target Chinese officials, avoid Chen Quanguo

23rd March 2021
Party Secretary who pioneered repressive measures against Tibetans and Uyghurs is not held to account.Read more

Tower Hamlets one step closer to naming street after Tibet

18th March 2021
The council has agreed to explore renaming roads around the planned new Chinese EmbassyRead more

10 times Tibet Watch made a difference

15th March 2021
Our research partner Tibet Watch , based in Dharamsala, works tirelessly to...Read more

Lessons from 1959

10th March 2021
Namgyal from Free Tibet explains the resistance of 1959 and how it gives hope for Tibetans todayRead more

Tibetans face restrictions ahead of Tibetan Uprising Day

9th March 2021
Tibetans in eastern Tibet banned from traveling to other parts of Tibet until AprilRead more

Tibetan political prisoner released after nine years

8th March 2021
Gangbu Rikgye Nyima was released a year early due to poor health resulting from tortureRead more

Three Tibetan teens arrested, and one tortured for failure to register WeChat group

4th March 2021
A photo has emerged of Dadul, one of the students, with two broken legs.Read more

Tibet ranked as the least free place in the world

4th March 2021
US organisation releases its latest report on freedom in the worldRead more

Party leader calls for a Olympic boycott in parliament

26th February 2021
Liberal Democrat Sir Ed Davey told the House of Commons that athletes "under no circumstances" should be "used as...Read more

Tibetan environmental activist dies in hospital following treatment in prison

18th February 2021
Kunchok Jinpa, who participated in huge protests in Driru in 2013, died earlier this monthRead more

Tibetan landscape continues to feel effects of glacier collapse

17th February 2021
Experts say climate change was behind the collapse of two glaciers in western Tibet in 2016Read more

Report highlights China's military build-up in Tibet

15th February 2021
The militarisation of Tibet continues even as Chinese and Indian forces pull back from frontlineRead more

Mass imprisonments in central Tibet revealed seven years later

10th February 2021
Sources reveal previously unknown arrests from 2013Read more