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Former political prisoner continues advocating for Tibetan language

21st January 2022
Released in 2021 after five years in prison for promoting the Tibetan language, Tashi Wangchuk continues his advocacyRead more

Family of Loten asked to pay for food and supplies before his transfer to Xiling

20th January 2022
Loten was taken for re-education training for sharing his criticism against China’s policies on the Tibetan languageRead more

Further details emerge about Rinchen Kyi’s detention

20th January 2022
Before Rinchen Kyi's disappearance, authorities phoned her family saying they had two minutes to come and see herRead more

Statue of revered Tenzin Delek Rinpoche seized by Chinese authorities

18th January 2022
Five people involved in arranging its transport detained and beaten for 15 to 30 daysRead more

Brothers detained in eastern Tibet on unknown charges

14th January 2022
The arrests of Tenzin Norbu and Wangchen Nyima last August have only recently come to lightRead more

Tibetan graduate student detained for expressing concerns about Tibetan language

12th January 2022
Language advocate Loten has been taken to a reform centre after sharing his views on WeChatRead more

At least 10 Tibetans detained and tortured for opposing government project

11th January 2022
Local Tibetans threatened with expulsion while the county remains under heavy surveillanceRead more

Another giant statue of Buddha torn down in Drago County

6th January 2022
Monks and civilians arrested and tortured in detention amid a wave of demolitionsRead more

Giant Buddha statue and prayer wheels forcibly demolished with prayer flags removed and burned

31st December 2021
Secretary Wang Dongsheng, responsible for a series of demolitions in Drago County, was also the key official involved...Read more

A Tibetan monk remains in detention after more than a year following his arrest

23rd December 2021
Tenzin Dargye was found guilty of keeping “politically sensitive” content on his phoneRead more

Tibetan political prisoner unable to walk after torture in prison

23rd December 2021
Dolkar was sentenced to prison and subjected to forced labour for telling the truth of her nephew’s arrestRead more

Founder of chat group released in critical health after 10 months of detention

23rd December 2021
Arrested a week after Tibetan New Year, Sangay Tso’s family finds her in a hotel unable to walkRead more

Worldcon 2023 to be held in China

23rd December 2021
Worldcon becomes the latest organisation to assist the Chinese government in legitimising itself on the world stage,...Read more


16th December 2021
Lifelong Tibet ally and Free Tibet board member Riki Hyde-Chambers has passed away at the age of 77Read more

Go Sherab Gyatso sentenced to 10 years in prison

15th December 2021
The monk, writer and intellectual was sentenced in secret in NovemberRead more

Environmentalist in ‘near-death’ condition after torture in custody

15th December 2021
Dhongye has been in detention since 2018 with little information about his condition until nowRead more

Protesters Demand a Stronger Boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics

14th December 2021
Over one hundred protesters from Tibetan, Uyghur, and Hong Kong activism and solidarity groups came together to...Read more

Tibetan monk sentenced to five years for publishing writings of the Dalai Lama

13th December 2021
20-year-old Trinley’s family was left uninformed for two monthsRead more

Funeral held for Olympic Values in Lausanne

26th November 2021
On Friday 26 November, Free Tibet joined Tibetan activists outside the International Olympic Committee (IOC)...Read more

Jonathan Mirsky obituary

19th November 2021
American journalist and China historian Jonathan Mirsky passed away on 5 September 2021Read more