Make the Tibetan flag an official emoji

Tibetan flag emoji
Tibetan flag emoji

The Tibetan Flag Emoji campaign has received considerable support since its launch in November 2018, resulting in the submission of a formal proposal to the Unicode Consortium to see the Tibetan flag added to the official list of emoji.

Unicode, the standards committee that determines which emoji become officially adopted, have neither accepted nor rejected the Tibetan flag emoji proposal. Instead, they have placed responsibility on their member tech companies - including Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter - to decide the fate of the Tibetan flag emoji. As such, the attention of the campaign is now being directed toward Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey with the objective to urge Twitter to support Tibetan representation.


The Tibetan flag represents the unique culture and identity of Tibetans, and representation matters. This campaign is about ensuring that in the digital age, Tibetan culture and identity are not forgotten. Add your voice to the petition, calling on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to accept the Tibetan flag emoji.

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