Self-immolation protests

Phuntsog set himself on fire in protest in 2011
Phuntsog set himself on fire in protest in 2011

Since March 2009, more than 150 people are known to have set themselves on fire inside Tibet to protest against the repressive Chinese occupation. Self-immolation protests peaked in 2012 when more than 80 took place. There have been far fewer since 2013 but they are still a feature of Tibetan resistance.

Although many monks and nuns have set themselves alight, most self-immolation protesters have not been from religious institutions. They include teachers, students and herdsmen, as well as mothers and fathers.

The youngest was just 15 years old.

Sangye Dolma self-portrait with a message on her hand
Sangye Dolma self-portrait with a message on her hand

Many of the protesters have shouted slogans while on fire, including calling for the Dalai Lama’s long life and his return to Tibet, for the Panchen Lama to be freed, and for human rights and freedom in Tibet.

Several have urged Tibetans to stay united and protect Tibetan identity, such as Tsering Gyal, a young monk who set himself on fire in November 2013. Before dying he told his companions on the way to the hospital: “Today I self-immolated for reunion of Tibetans inside and outside Tibet. My only wish for you is to be united and to work for the preservation of Tibetan language and tradition. If we do these things, Tibetans will be reunited.”

Some protesters have left final written and recorded messages.

Sonam Topgyal, a 27-year-old monk who staged a self-immolation protest in July 2015, left a letter saying that “Chinese authorities repress [Tibetans] with their violent and brutal law, by demolishing our religion, tradition and culture and causing environmental devastation. Meanwhile, people absolutely have no freedom of expression nor can they convey their grievances.”

Sangye Dolma, who set herself on fire in November 2012, left behind a self-portrait photo with the words “Tibet is an independent country” on her hand (pictured).

How does China respond to self-immolation protests?

Armed Policemen in Ngaba, following Phuntsog self-immolation in 2011

The Chinese government has responded to the protests with a surge in activity by security forces, a propaganda campaign against the protesters and punishments for protester’s families and communities. Self-immolators who survived their protests have been detained and the whereabouts and condition of many of them is still unknown.

Severe punishments are handed out to those accused of assisting or encouraging the protesters or sharing information abroad. Frequently protesters' bodies are cremated by security forces to prevent families carrying out traditional funeral ceremonies. Local communities are threatened with punishment for holding prayer services or offering support to protesters' families.

China has described the protests as “violent behaviour whose aim is to create an atmosphere of terror” and accused the Dalai Lama of instigating the protests. The Dalai Lama has not called for an end to the protests but has expressed his "sadness" over them and urged the Chinese authorities to "investigate what is the cause of this symptom, of these events".

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Details of each confirmed individual self-immolation in Tibet, 2009-2016:

Tashi Rabten

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Sonam Tso self-immolation March 23 2016

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Tashi Kyi self-immolation

Tashi Kyi, 27 August 2015. Read more.

Sonam Topgyal

Sonam Topgyal, 9 July 2015.

Sangy Tso

Sangy Tso, 27 May 2015. Read more.

Tenzin Gyatso

Tenzin Gyatso, 20 May 2015.

Nyi Kyab

Nyi Kyab, 16 April 2015. Read more.

Yeshi Khando

Yeshi Khando, 8 April 2015. Read more.


Norchuk, 6 March 2015. Read more.

Kalsang Yeshi

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Tsepe Kyi

Tsepe Kyi, 22 December 2014. Read more.

Sangyal Khar

Sangyal Khar, 16 December 2014. Read more.

Lhamo Tashi

Lhamo Tashi, 17 September 2014. Read more.

Kunchok, 16 September 2014. Read more.

Tinley Namgyal

Tinley Namgyal, 15 April 2014. Read more.


Dolma, 29 March 2014.

Jigme Tenzin

Jigme Tenzin, 16 March 2014.

Lobsang Palden

Lobsang Palden, 16 March 2014.

Lobsang Dorjee,13 February 2014. Read more.

Phakmo Samdup

Phakmo Samdup, 5 February 2014. Read more.

Tsultrim Gyatso

Tsultrim Gyatso, 19 December 2013. Read more.

Kunchok Tseten

Kunchok Tseten, 3 December 2013. Read more.

Tsering Gyal

Tsering Gyal, 11 November 2013. Read more.


Shichung, 28 September 2013. Read more.

Kunchok Sonam

Kunchok Sonam, 20 July 2013. Read more.

Wangchen Dolma

Wangchen Dolma, 11 June 2013. Read more.

Tenzin Sherab

Tenzin Shirab, 27 May 2013.

Lobsang Dawa

Lobsang Dawa, 24 April 2013. Read more.

Kunchok Woser

Kunchok Woser, 24 April 2013. Read more.

Jugtso,16 April 2013. Read more.

Kunchoek Tenzin

Kunchoek Tenzin,26 March 2013.

Lhamo Kyab, 25 March 2013. Read more.


Kalkyi, 24 March 2013. Read more.

Lobsang Thokmey

Lobsang Thokmey, 16 March 2013.

Kunchoek Wangmo, 13 March 2013.

Sandhag,25 February 2013.

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Rinchen, 19 February 2013. Read more.

Sonam Dhargye,19 February 2013. Read more.

Namlha Tsering, 17 February 2013.

Dhukpa Kyar, 13 February 2013. Read more. 

Lobsang Namgyal

Lobsang Namgyal, 3 February 2013. Read more.

Kunchok Kyab

Kunchok Kyab, 22 January 2013.

Jigji Kyab, 19 January 2013. Read more. 

Dupchoek, 18 January 2013.

Tsering Tashi,

Tsering Tashi, 12 January 2013. Read more.

Wanchen Kyi, 16, Dokar Mo township, Eastern Tibet, 9 December 2012, died

Wanchen Kyi, 9 December 2012.

Kunchoek Phelgay

Kunchoek Phelgay, 8 December 2012.

Pema Dorjee

Pema Dorjee, 8 December 2012.

Lobsang Gedun

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Sangdak Kyab, 2 December 2012. Read more.

Kunchoek Kyab

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Sangay Tashi

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Kalsang Kyab, 27 November 2012.

Gonpo Tsering

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Wangyal, 26 November 2012. Read more.

Sangye Dolma,

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Tamding Dorjee, 23 November 2012. Read more.

Tamdin Kyab

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Lubum Tsering

Lubum Gyal, 22 November 2012. Read more.

Tsering Dhondup

Tsering Dhondup, 20 November 2012. Read more.

Wangchen Norbu,

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sangduk Tsering

Sangdak Tsering, 17 November 2012.

Chokmo Kyi

Chakmo Kyi, 17 November 2012. Read more.

Khabum Gyal, 15 November 2012.

Tingzin Dolma, 15 November 2012.

Nyingchak Boom, 12 November 2012. Read more.

Nyingkar Tashi,

Nyingkar Tashi, 12 November 2012.

Gonpo Tsering, 10 November 2012. Read more. 

Jinpa, 8 November 2012.

Tsegye 7 November 2012. Read more. 

Dorjee Kyab, 7 November 2012.


Dorjee, 7 November 2012. Read more.

Samdup, 7 November 2012. Read more.

Tamdin Tso

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Dorje Lungdup

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Thubwang Kyab

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Lhamo Tseten

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Tsepo, 25 October 2012.

Tenzin, 25 October 2012.

Dorjee Rinchen

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Dhondup, Labrang

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Lhamo Kyab

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Sangye Gyatso

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Yungdrung, 29 September 2012.

Passang Lhamo, 13 September 2012.

Lobsang Kalsang, 27 August 2012.

Lobsang Damchoe, who self-immolated 27 August 2012

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Dolkar Kyi

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Lobsang Tsultrim

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Lobsang Lobzin

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Tsewang Dorjee, 7 July 2012.

Dekyi Choezom, 27 June 2012.

Nawang Norpal

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Tenzin Kaldrup

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Tamdrin Thar

Tamdrin Thar, 15 June 2012. Read more.


Rechok, 30 May 2012. Read more.

Dorjee Tseten

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Dargye, 27 May 2012. Read more.


Sonam, 19 April 2012. Read more.

Choephak Kyap

Choephak Kyap, 19 April 2012. Read more.

Tenpa Dargye

Tenpa Dargye, 30 March 2012. Read more.

Choemi Palten

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Lobsang Sherab, who self-immolated 28 March 2012

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Sonam Dargye

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Lobsang tsultrim

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Jamyang Palden

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Dorjee, 5 March 2012. Read more.


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Tsering Kyi

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Tamchoe Sangpo,

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Rigzin Dorjee

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Lobsang Jamyang

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Sonam Wangyal,

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Pawo Tennyi

Pawo Tennyi, 6 January 2012. Read more.

Pawo Tsultrim

Pawo Tsultrim, 6 January 2012. Read more.

Tenzin PHuntsog

Tenzin Phuntsog, 1 December 2011. Read more. 


Palden Choetso, 3 November 2011. Read more.

Dawa Tsering.

Dawa Tsering, 25 October 2011. Read more. 

Tenzin Wangmo

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Norbu Dathul

Norbu Dathul, 15 October 2011.


Choepel, 7 October 2011. Read more.


Khayang, 7 October 2011. Read more.

Kalsang Wangchuk

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Lobsang Kalsang

Lobsang Konchok, 26 September 2011.

Lobsang Kalsang

Lobsang Kalsang, 26 September 2011.

Tsewang Norbu

Tsewang Norbu, 15 August 2011.


Phuntsog, 16 March 2011. Read more.

Tabe, 27 February 2009. Read more.