Tell the media: stop spreading CCP propaganda

Did you know that:

  • There were no flaws and no repression during the Chinese Communist Party’s response to the coronavirus. In fact, the CCP’s response was brilliant.       
  • Tibetans do not live under massive state repression. In fact, they have enjoyed decades of development and democratic reform.
  • Some two million Uyghurs are not being held in massive prison camps. In fact, these prisons are just training centres that offer “hope”.

You can be forgiven for not “knowing” these things. They aren’t true. 

Yet this CCP propaganda finds its way into newspapers distributed around the world. 

Two examples can  be found in shops near to you:

  • China Watch appears in several newspapers around the world, including The Wall Street Journal. China Watch is a digest of reports from China Daily, a propaganda mouthpiece of the CCP.
  • Content branded “China Focus” has appeared inside the print edition of The Economist, straight from the Beijing Review, another CCP controlled propaganda outlet. 

The paid content in these supplements is nothing less than a deliberate attempt by the  CCP to promote itself to an international audience and deflect attention from its human rights abuses. 



Several newspapers have finally taken action – The New York Times and Washington Post have dropped China Watch from the print and online editions, having run such articles in the past. Now The Telegraph, one of the UK’s “Big Three” newspapers, has done the same after Free Tibet targeted them.

We are urging The Economist and The Wall Street Journal to follow them.

The CCP’s deception has led to the spread of misery in Tibet and now of a pandemic across China and the rest of the world. Let’s say NO to the spread of CCP propaganda. Contact the editors of The Wall Street Journal and The Economist, urging them to take action.