Social media guidelines

At Free Tibet freedom of speech is extremely important to us and we really value the variety of contributions from around the world to our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. However we wish to ensure that our social media accounts continue to be friendly and open spaces where everyone feels welcome to express their views. To help us achieve this, we have the following guidelines:

  1. Be tolerant and considerate of others – Free Tibet has supporters worldwide, and many people use English as a second language. People are also different ages and speak from different perspectives and cultures, such as Tibetan people, Chinese people, Western students and Western Buddhists. For example, if criticising the Chinese government’s policies take care that your post couldn’t be misunderstood as insulting Chinese people generally.
  2. Please don’t post content that is racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise abusive or discriminatory.
  3. Don’t swear.
  4. Don’t insult others – debate is welcome but not personal attacks.
  5. Don’t post content that people may find distressing such as graphic photographs.
  6. Don’t use Free Tibet’s social media to promote businesses or services which are not related to Tibet.
  7. Please do not repeatedly post the same content or slightly different versions of the same content – this will be considered spam.

Content which fails to follow these guidelines will be removed where possible and may be flagged to the relevant social network. Users who repeatedly fail to follow these guidelines will be removed from Free Tibet’s social media where possible.

You may also notice people posting from accounts which appear to be fake or set up to share China’s propaganda (for example see our 2014 expose of more than 100 fake identities on Twitter). Please inform Facebook, Twitter or Youtube directly if you would like to make a complaint about such an account. We will also respond as above if the account is violating our guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact us at