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Fifth monk from Drango disappeared

19th October 2012
Man was detained in April in front of many eyewitnesses It has emerged that a fifth monk from Drango...Read more

Report urges UK human rights transparency

19th October 2012
The UK Foreign Affairs Committee highlights risk of “double standards”. In a...Read more

U.S. Ambassador calls on others to see Tibet

18th October 2012
Leading official makes first visit to occupied area The U.S ambassador to China has encouraged others...Read more

Disappeared Tibetan monk is ‘very loyal and honourable’

17th October 2012
More personal details have emerged about the Drango Four. The four Tibetan monks were taken away by...Read more

Fires of Tibet protest continue

13th October 2012
A 52-year-old Tibetan is the latest to set himself on fire. Tamdrin Dorjee today became the latest...Read more

Tibetans defy police threats

10th October 2012
Authorities move in after protest Chinese officials and police turned up shortly after 27-year-old...Read more

Tibetan father dies in protest

6th October 2012
The latest protester to set himself on fire A 27-year-old father of two today became the latest...Read more

Four Tibetans handed long prison sentences

5th October 2012
Latest cases of disproportionate sentencing in Tibet Four Tibetan men have been given long prison...Read more

Protesting monk dies

2nd October 2012
Tibetan who sparked mass protest passes away Jamyang Palden, a 38-year-old monk who set himself on...Read more

Teenage protester gets three years in prison

13th September 2012
A teenage girl has been given a three-year prison sentence for handing out leaflets. On 25 August, 17...Read more

Zilkar Monastery crackdown.

1st September 2012
A large number of security personnel encircled and raided Zilkar Monastery at approximately 10am (local time). Five...Read more

Number of self-immolation protests breaks 50 mark

28th August 2012
Two more die in Ngaba protest Two teenagers set fire to themselves yesterday morning in protest at...Read more

Seven year sentence for sharing information

24th August 2012
Emails land monk in jail A senior monk has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment for sharing...Read more

Another week of protests in Tibet

15th August 2012
Tensions rise as Tibetans are beaten Protests against the Chinese occupation of Tibet have continued...Read more

Military deployed as nomad sets himself on fire

10th August 2012
Another self-immolation in Eastern Tibet A 24-year-old nomad has become the latest Tibetan to set...Read more

Tibetan athlete makes history

10th August 2012
First Tibetan Olympian A 22-year-old woman will make history this weekend when she becomes the first...Read more

Monks detained after mother's protest

8th August 2012
More details on latest protester Dolkar Kyi, who set herself on fire and died in Tibet yesterday, was...Read more

Two more self-immolate in Tibet

7th August 2012
Second self-immolation protest in two days A 26-year-old woman has set herself on fire and died in...Read more

Tibet protester dies

2nd August 2012
Latest death in Tibet Rising protests Nyawang Norpal (right), who...Read more

China's Olympic promises

27th July 2012
Four years on, we reflect on China's commitments to improve human rights as part of its successful bid to host the 2008...Read more