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UK and EU call on China to “show restraint” over self-immolations

19th December 2012
Europeans join North American governments in "expressing concern" over China's response...Read more

Monks detained for sharing information

14th December 2012
Three monks arrested after protest in Chabcha Songrab Gyatso, Dragsang and Yeshi Sangpo were arrested...Read more

16-year-old is the fourth child to die in self-immolation protests

10th December 2012
Eight Tibetans under-18 have now set themselves on fireRead more

The plight of Tibet's children

10th December 2012
Free Tibet report reveals life under occupation On international human rights day, Free Tibet reveals...Read more

Two young men die in protest against China's occupation of Tibet

8th December 2012
Two 23-year-old Tibetan men died today after setting fire to themselves in separate protests against China.Read more

China exploits trade ties for political benefit

6th December 2012
International trading partners feel chill if they meet the Dalai Lama This week’s...Read more

Monk dies as self-immolation protests go on

4th December 2012
Individual Tibetans currently setting themselves alight almost every day 29-year-old Lobsang Gedun...Read more

"British foreign policy on Tibet is whatever China wants it to be"

3rd December 2012
“Weakness” of Cameron government exploited by China Two UK government ministers were...Read more

Tibetan solidarity

30th November 2012
People across Tibet hold two-day fast in support of protests This week, about 60 Tibetans from all...Read more

Last message of teenage nun

29th November 2012
17-year-old leaves photo and note before setting herself on fire Last Sunday, 17-year-old Sangye...Read more

Teenager dies after setting himself on fire

29th November 2012
The 18-year-old protester is the eighth Tibetan in a week to self-immolate Teenager Sangay Tashi has...Read more

Prayers of solidarity for protester

29th November 2012
Thousands resist heavy military presence to pay their respects Despite large numbers of Chinese...Read more

Father of three dies

28th November 2012
Self-immolation protests show no signs of stopping Protests at China's occupation of Tibet continue...Read more

As military forces arrive in Ngaba, Tibetans go into hiding

27th November 2012
Chinese security forces intimidate community after protest Tibetans in Eastern Tibet have gone into...Read more

More than 20 Tibetan students hospitalised

26th November 2012
School placed under military lockdown following protest Around 1,000 students, primarily from the...Read more

Three more self-immolate in Eastern Tibet

26th November 2012
Three Tibetans have set fire to themselves in the last 48 hours Over the course of the last two days...Read more

More protests in Tibet

23rd November 2012
Sustained wave of protest shows no signs of stopping A 23-year-old Tibetan died after setting fire to...Read more

A father of three dies at the scene of his protest

20th November 2012
Tsering Dhondup, 34-year-old and father of three, sets fire to himself in protest.Read more

“I am setting fire to myself to protest against the Chinese government”

20th November 2012
Protester’s letter calls for freedom and independence in Tibet A copy of a letter left by...Read more

Thousands gather after mother's protest

17th November 2012
Thousands of Tibetans gathered in Eastern Tibet after the death of a mother of two during a protest.Read more