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Tibet activists take action against Intercontinental

5th August 2013
Look who’s in bed together at a London hotel Free Tibet and Students for a Free Tibet UK took action...Read more

Tibetan political prisoner anniversary

1st August 2013
Runggye Adak has spent six years in prison for calling for freedomRead more

No Tibetans need apply

29th July 2013
New York based NGO alleges that a key Apple supplier is discriminating against Tibetans A report...Read more

Two young monks become latest victims of Chinese justice

24th July 2013
22-year-old cannot speak or eat properly after tortureRead more

Dead at 18 after setting himself alight

20th July 2013
Young monk latest self-immolation protest in Tibet Kunchok Sonam set himself alight after morning...Read more

Intercontinental’s tortured silence over human rights

19th July 2013
Top executive fails to answer charges Senior executives at Intercontinental Hotels Group had nothing...Read more

Tibetans tortured after shootings

17th July 2013
Beatings and arrests follow Chinese aggression at prayer gathering Following the...Read more

Intercontinental censors Tibet supporters

16th July 2013
Criticism of Lhasa development subjected to China-style blackout Hotel giant Intercontinental Hotels...Read more

After Tibetans shot, China claims "unprecedented freedom" in Tibet

12th July 2013
Chinese foreign minister's shameless propaganda in Washington Just days after the...Read more

Chinese forces open fire on Tibetan prayer gathering

9th July 2013
Tibetan monk shot in the head A Tibetan monk was shot in the head and at least six others received...Read more

Tibetan monk detained for shouting slogans

4th July 2013
Lone protest during Communist party celebrations leads to prison, raids and communication blackout On...Read more

Free TVs for Tibetan lamas

3rd July 2013
With presents like these who needs religious freedom? A state-run Tibet newspaper published a...Read more

Intercontinental bigwigs play dumb

28th June 2013
As our campaign goes global and the boycott tops the 2,000 mark, Intercontinental executives display their...Read more

Dalai Lama pictures permitted in Lhasa monastery

27th June 2013
Reports that 17-year ban may have ended Our sources have told us that monks at Gaden (Gendun)...Read more

China's lies in Washington

24th June 2013
"Freedom uncompromisingly safeguarded" Tibetan representatives of the Chinese government met with US...Read more

Intercontinental campaign hits New York

21st June 2013
Times Square hotel picketed by Students for a Free Tibet The Intercontinental hotels campaign went...Read more

Teenager jailed after peaceful protest

18th June 2013
Four years for high school student Wangchuck Dorje (pictured right) was sentenced for his alleged...Read more

Protest songs land Tibetan musicians in jail

14th June 2013
China has sentenced two more singers for politically sensitive lyricsRead more

Tibet footage leads to “mafia” style intimidation

13th June 2013
Chinese diplomats threaten French journalist after broadcast of Tibet film.Read more

Tibetan nun survives self-immolation at religious gathering

12th June 2013
Update: Since this story was written, it has been confirmed that...Read more