Tibetans imprisoned for song praising the Dalai Lama

Khado Tsetan
Khado Tsetan
Khado Tsetan
16th July 2020

A third Tibetan was arrested for posting the musical tribute on social media

Two Tibetans have been imprisoned in eastern Tibet after composing and singing a song praising the Dalai Lama.

Tibetan lyricist Khado Tsetan and singer Tsegao were arrested in early July in the village of Gonshu Hongor in Zeku County, eastern Tibet.

The pair were charged with subversion of state law and leaking information to the outside world, state security crimes. Khado Tseten was sentenced to seven years in prison and Tsegao three years.

An unidentified Tibetan girl from Nadong Village in Zeku County was also arrested for posting the song on social media.  

Sources told Free Tibet’s research partner Tibet Watch that Khado Tsetan had previously been detained and imprisoned for two years in late 2012. The arrest was due to his involvement in Tibetan student protests in 2010, which called for Tibetan language rights. Following his release, he was constantly subjected to surveillance and monitoring by authorities for four years and was prevented from continuing his studies.

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