Tibetan monk to tour 30 European countries calling for dialogue with China

"Peace Tour" London. 11 September 2019.
"Peace Tour" London. 11 September 2019.
"Peace Tour" London. 11 September 2019.
12th September 2019

A Tibetan monk is on a "peace tour" through Europe to call for dialogue between the Chinese government and the Dalai Lama.

A Tibetan Buddhist monk is travelling through 30 European countries on what he has named a “peace tour” which aims to draw attention to human rights abuses in Tibet and call for dialogue between the Chinese government and the Dalai Lama. 

Thubten Wangchen, who is also a member of parliament for the Tibetan government in exile, arrived in England, his fifth country in the tour on 10 September and led a protest outside London’s Chinese embassy on 11 September.

At the London rally he demanded China “reopen the dialogue” between Xi Jinping’s government and the Dalai Lama’s delegation as a step towards ending the suffering of Tibetans under Chinese rule.

Thubten, who delivered a letter to the embassy asking for a discussion said he doesn’t want a Tibet which is separate from China, but one which has genuine autonomy to run its own affairs as the Dalai Lama outlined in his “Middle Way” approach.

“We are here to share the peace message with the Chinese embassy,” Thubten said in a speech outside the consulate. “Reopen the dialogue between the Chinese government and His Holiness’s delegation… find a solution and cease the… suffering of the Tibetan people.” 

The Tibetan monk and MP also expressed solidarity for the Hong Kong protestors and other oppressed groups living under Chinese rule. 

“Hong Kong is starting. We look for democracy, we look for more… freedom, more justice and more human rights,” Thubten said.

He added, “We stand with Hong Kong people…. We stand with Uyghur brothers and sisters, and also we stand with the Taiwanese. And similarly Taiwan, Uyghurs and Hong Kong will stand with the… Tibetan people.”

Protesters in the crowd carried Tibetan flags and chanted towards the Chinese embassy, while one demonstrator carried a placard which said “Hong Kong stands with Tibet.”

Thubten warned that China is trying to control the succession of the Dalai Lama and bring Tibetan Buddhism under it influence. But he said the move won’t succeed because the Dalai Lama will never be re-born in China.

He began to close his speech in London, saying, “Our weapons are the truth, non-violence and peace. So this will remain”

“We Tibetans can go back to our country [one day] and share the peaceful message to the world. And our message of non violence by Buddha. Buddhist philosophy to make the world more peaceful, more harmonious and less war, destruction and bloodshed in this world.”

While in England he has met with two UK MPs, Kerry McCarthy and Angus McNeil. He plans to arrive in Edinburgh on 13 September where he will continue his “peace tour” and hold further talks.


If you have not already done so, please take and share our action, calling on authorities in Sichuan Province to release Dolkar and Wangchen, two Tibetans arrested following birthday celebrations for the Panchen Lama.