Monks and nuns at Larung Gar instructed to study the Seventh Central Tibet Work Forum

Xiao Youcai
Xiao Youcai
Xiao Youcai
23rd October 2020

Monks at two other monasteries have also had similar organized seminars.


On September 23, Xiao Youcai, Deputy Secretary of the so-called Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture's Party Committee, visited the Tibetan Buddhist community of Larung Gar

During his visit, Xiao asked all monks and nuns to implement the spirit of the Seventh Central Tibet Work Forum, according to Free Tibet’s research partner Tibet Watch.

Xiao further stressed the importance of adapting religion with a socialist society, further emphasising the message given by President Xi Jingping, and urging the monks and nuns to study and implement such a message. 

He is reported to have said:

'We must increase our preaching efforts so that the party and the state's religious policies, laws and regulation should enter the hearts of the masses of religious figures and devotees". 

Monks at Nyima Ling Monastery and Tashi Lhunpo Monastery were also instructed to learn the Seventh Central Tibet Work Forum in September, as Free Tibet has already reported

More recently, on 12 October, Tibetan monks and nuns in the Dzoge region of eastern Tibet have had to attend training sessions on law and policy run by the Chinese government.

Information supplied by Tibet Watch.


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