Tibetan monk detained after WeChat post

Fellow monks subjected to political education campaign for ten days

A Tibetan monk was arrested a month ago in Chigdril County, Golok Prefecture, after criticising Chinese law on the social media platform WeChat.

According to a source, the 26-year-old monk, whose name has been kept confidential for security reasons, was arbitrarily detained on 26 or 27 May allegedly on charges of separatism. His location still remains unknown and his family was denied visits. The social media post for which he was arrested was a.comment on WeChat against a county-level law, although it still is not clear which specific law he expressed criticism against.

The same source further stated that following his arrest, the Chigdril County Executive and the Head of the United Front Work Department visited his monastery and carried out a 10-day political education campaign for his estimated 100 fellow resident monks.

The monks, who were criticised by the visiting officials, were later notified by the Monastery Management Committee that they must refrain from posting any comments or likes on social media, or from sharing any information – in writing and voice message- that may go against the party-state and its political view of unity of nationalities. Their families and neighbours were also ordered to share this notification through social media.

 The authorities are known to be currently carrying out more restrictions and investigations in the monastery with door-to-door visits to interrogate everyone.

Information supplied by Tibet Watch

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