Chinese officials appear to pull a protester into the Chinese consulate in Manchester while UK police and other protesters try to stop them.

Statement about attack on protesters at Chinese consulate in Manchester

Free Tibet and Tibetan Community in Britain respond to a vicious attack by Chinese officials during a protest outside the Chinese consulate in Manchester, England

Free Tibet and Tibetan Community in Britain strongly condemn the violent assaults by the Chinese consulate staff in Manchester yesterday.

A peaceful Hong Kong protestor was pulled inside the Chinese consulate gate and beaten for supposedly insulting Chinese Communist Party Chairman Xi Jinping. We stand in solidarity with him as well as with all those who were only peacefully exercising their free and legal right to protest here in the United Kingdom. Unlike in China, here in the UK we value the freedom to express dissent.

This outrageous incident cannot go unaddressed by the UK government and those responsible cannot be allowed to hide behind diplomatic immunity.

The Chinese government is becoming Increasingly bold in enforcing its oppression even outside of territories like Tibet, Hong Kong and the Uyghur region that it occupies against the wishes of those who live there. This is not the first time that the Chinese government has attempted to suppress protest from those living in the diaspora and we know that many Tibetans in the UK fear repercussions from CCP officials and their supporters in the UK.

Sam Walton, CEO of Free Tibet, said:

“Those on the receiving end of this Chinese government thuggery are legal residents in the UK, and in many cases are British citizens. Our government must not allow the dictatorship of another nation to enact its repression against our citizens and on our soil. The Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, must publicly condemn these actions and expel those responsible.”

Tenzin Kunga, Chair of Tibetan Community in Britain, said:

“Tibetans, Uyghurs and Hong Kongers living under CCP rule have virtually no ability to express themselves. Those living around the world often live in fear that peaceful, legitimate criticism of Xi Jinping and his government will result in violent retribution. The UK government must protect everyone living here from the brutal dictatorship that occupies our homelands and ensure that the CCP’s transnational aggression is not allowed to take root here.”

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