Monks sit near the entrance of Kirti monastery in Ngaba, 2011

Senior Monk Arrested in Ngaba

Konmey was detained in late July without any official explanation

Free Tibet’s research partner Tibet Watch has learned of the detention of an abbot from Trotsik Monastery last month. The monastery is located in Ngaba County in the eastern Tibetan region of Amdo.

Details about the reason for the arrest of Konmey on 20 July are unknown, as are his whereabouts and present condition due to the severe communication restrictions that China continues to impose across Tibet.

Konmey, who was arrested in July 2021

Konmey, who was arrested in July 2021

Prior to his arrest, Konmey, 45, was the head of the disciplinary committee at Trotsik Monastery. In any monastery where there are substantial numbers of monks, one of the senior monks is appointed to this role, which requires him to take care of the daily running of the school and discipline of the monks and students in the monastery. Konmey enrolled in the monastery as a monk at a young age.

Konmey’s arrest was accompanied by the news that another monk from Ngaba, Lobsang Tenzin, was released early from prison.


Information supplied by Tibet Watch

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