New Gonmo Kyi video highlights police beatings

Gonmo Kyi continues to press for a retrial for her brother, Dorjee Tashi

Gonmo Kyi has released several new videos, talking about her treatment by police during her protests for her imprisoned brother, Tibetan businessman Dorjee Tashi. 

She has carried out regular protests outside Tibet Higher People’s Court in Lhasa, calling for a retrial for Dorjee Tashi and for the right to visit him in prison. 

In one of the latest videos, Gonmo Kyi shows a letter from the People’s Procuratorate in Beijing. She says she received the letter seven or eight years ago and that it informs Dorjee Tashi’s family and lawyer that his case would be addressed within three months.  

In the video, Gonmo Kyi says:

“Here it is, everyone, look! The People’s Procuratorate in Beijing said that the case of Dorjee Tashi would be retrial and handled within three months. Still, for the past seven or eight years, the Lhasa Court has deferred and never allowed a fair trial nor allowed us to meet Dorjee Tashi in the prison. If the People’s Court had handled the case of Dorjee Tashi fairly, I would not have had to appeal to Lhasa court and the Lhasa police would not have had to drag and beat me here every day!”

The letter of the People’s Procuratorate in Beijing that Gonmo Kyi held in her hand states:

“Your letter has been received. After review, per the law and relevant regulations, we have transferred the material. The Tibet Autonomous Regional People’s Procuratorate examined and handled the case. The handling process or result will be replied to by the procuratorate within three months.”

In another one of the videos,  she shows bruises on one of her arms.

Prior to his arrest in 2008, Dorjee Tashi was a hotelier and philanthropist. He was reportedly subject to torture in detention and sentenced to life imprisonment in 2010. Gonmo Kyi and other family members have pushed for a retrial and to be able to visit him in prison. No in-person visit has been permitted since 2019.

Information supplied by Tibet Watch

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