Gonmo Kyi shows injuries in latest video

Sister of imprisoned businessman Dorjee Tashi states she was assaulted by police outside his prison

Tibet Watch has received two more videos, in which Gonmo Kyi, sister of imprisoned Tibetan businessman Dorjee Tashi, recounts violent treatment from police.

In the videos, received by Tibet Watch on 2 August, Gonmo Kyi showed bruises on her both arms, which she states are the result of four or five police personnel dragging her and beating her in front gate to the prison where Dorjee Tashi is being held. Gonmo Kyi had been urging them to allow her to meet her brother, something that she says she was promised last month.

In the first video, Gonmo said “On August 1st I went to Drapchi Prison and begged the concern officials allow me to meet my brother. Instead, four or five police officers at the prison gate dragged me away and beat me, because I begged them and prostrated them allow me to meet my brother. They said it was a violation of the law.”

In the second video, she shows some purple bruises on her both arms and adds: “the police dragged me away and beat me several times before, but later they denied their ill-treatment and said they never touched me. Previously, the police didn’t even allow me to take video on how they ill-treated me and then denied they even beat me. So, this is my prove that how they ill-treated me when I begged them allow to meet my brother in the prison.”

Dorjee Tashi has been in prison since his arrest in July 2008 and was sentenced to life imprisonment for “loan fraud”, a charge he and his family contest. While in detention he has been tortured.

Information supplied by Tibet Watch

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