Gonpo Kyi, Dorjee Tashi's sister, caling for his release

Gonmo Kyi releases video about her latest protest

Tibet Watch has received another short video from inside Tibet related to Gonmo Kyi’s ongoing protests.

Gonmo Kyi has carried out a series of protests in the Tibetan capital Lhasa, demanding a retrial for her younger brother, Dorjee Tashi, a businessman who has been sentenced to life in prison.

In the video, Gonmo Kyi shows one of the posters that she used in her latest protest on Monday 24 April.

She also states that the day before this latest video, she and her husband had been detained and tortured.

The text of the poster, written in Chinese, states that Dorjee Tashi’s lawyer should be allowed to review the papers and that the court should allow a retrial.

Gonmo Kyi narrates the video and says:

“I appealed to Tibet Higher People’s Court to retry my brother’s case, but the Court ignored my appeal for a retrial and deferred my brother’s right to a fair trial. Instead, they let Lhasa security personnel arrest, detain and torture us for a day.”

According to information gathered by Tibet Watch, this detention took place yesterday, 27 April and lasted until midnight. Gonmo Kyi and her husband Choekyong were detained.

Gonmo Kyi adds defiantly, that “the security personnel also warned us they would arrest us again, but we will surely let them do it. The Court systematically abused our right to a retrial and fair trial, so we will let them arrest us again until we’re killed.”

During her last protest, in which she was seen holding up a sign, Gonmo Kyi was surrounded by police who covered her with black cloth to obscure her from public view.

Information supplied by Tibet Watch

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