Gonmo Kyi releases further videos

Videos condemn local authorities for cheating people as her brother remains in prison

Gonmo Kyi, sister of imprisoned Tibetan businessman Dorjee Tashi, has released further online videos as part of her protests against her brother’s continued imprisonment.

Tibet Watch received the videos yesterday, 31 July, via a source. Gonmo Kyi had recorded them at her home in Lhasa and according to the source had placed them on social media platforms including Weibo and WeChat. However the videos appear to have been censored online.

In the first video, Gonmo Kyi states that officials had promised that she could meet her brother, but had so far not kept their promise:

“In the state’s law, is this your official duty – to cheat people? To fool us is your duty. Tell me clearly that your official duty is to cheat us people, then I will never come to your door again for challenge the truth and the reality. It’s clear in your mind that how have you fooled me. It’s in July this year, you promised to allow me to meet my brother in prison. But now it’s already August, you still don’t allow me to meet my brother as your promised.”

In second video, she adds:

“In prison or in Court, you officials cheat people. Is this your duty to impose the state’s law? If this is your duty, explain to me: ‘Chinese law is like this and we follow Chinese law,’ then I will respect the state. I will respect the law. I hope you officials explain this to me clearly.”

Gonmo Kyi has released several videos in 2023, demanding justice for Dorjee Tashi, who has been in prison since 2008. She has also carried out regular protests outside Tibet Higher People’s Court in Lhasa, with police responding by attempting to obstruct her from public view, detaining her and beating her.

Information supplied by Tibet Watch

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