Gonmo Kyi in a video from earlier this year

Gonmo Kyi and her husband released from detention

The sister of Dorjee Tashi and her husband were arbitrarily detained following a series of protests for their brother's release.

Tibet Watch has learned that Gonmo Kyi, sister of the Tibetan political prisoner Dorjee Tashi,was released this afternoon, in Lhasa, eight days after she and her husband, Choekyong, were arbitrarily detained.

Her release comes four days after her husband Choekyong’s release, although details about their experiences during detention and health remain unknown amid heightened surveillance on the pair. 

Gonmo Kyi has been appealing to see her imprisoned brother, Dorjee Tashi, and for him to be given a retrial. Dorjee Tashi was arrested in 2008 and charged with loan fraud. His family and those following his case vigorously contest these charges and he is widely regarded as being a political prisoner.

Following the rejection of multiple appeals by Dorjee Tashi’s family to retry his case, since June 2022, Gonmo Kyi has staged a series of protests with her husband in front of the Tibet Higher People’s Court, a rare and risky act due to the heavy security presence in Lhasa. The police have blocked these protests from public view whilst censoring all photos, videos or information of Gonmo Kyi’s protests from the Internet.

During Gonmo Kyi’s last detention in March, the police subjected her to beatings. However, she held another protest in August during which she was dragged and beaten in front of the court,  leaving her in need of hospital treatment, which was denied to her.

While confirming that Gonmo Kyi and Choekying were now out of detention, the source added a note of caution: “But their families and relatives worry that the Chinese authorities involved in this case might expel the couple from Lhasa to their hometown in Labrang (Ch: Xiahe County) to avoid criticism and from fear of this case drawing more attention and advocacy.”

Dorjee Tashi still remains in prison, and has been subjected to beatings and extreme torture including asphyxiation, suspending handcuffed from the ceiling , and pouring into nose heated fluid with chilli powder.

Information supplied by Tibet Watch

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