Rinchen Dorjee

Driver released after nine months in police custody

Rinchen Dorjee is now free, the whereabouts of two other Tibetan detainees remains unknown

Rinchen Dorjee, who was arbitrarily arrested by local police in August last year, has been released after nine months in police custody.

Rinchen Dorjee

Rinchen Dorjee

Tibet Watch has learned that Rinchen Dorjee, 54, was secretly returned to his home in a police vehicle on Wednesday 27 April. He remains under strict surveillance. His family was not informed of his impending release.

Due to the restrictions and close surveillance, Rinchen Dorjee’s health condition is unknown along with details about his experience in police custody.

Rinchen Dorjee was arrested on 8 August 2021 at a police checkpoint in Gyegudo County in Yushul Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. He was detained alongside two other Tibetans: Lhundup and Kalsang Nyima.

At the time of their arrest, celebrations were being held by local authorities to mark 70 years since the establishment of Yushul Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The three were taken away by local police because they shared some photos of the anniversary in a WeChat group, named Unity Group, which has many members from outside Tibet.

The locations and well-being of Lhundup and Kalsang Nyima currently remain unknown.


Information supplied by Tibet Watch

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