Chinese Abuses in Tibet Highlighted on Billboards in New York and London

Billboards organised by Free Tibet started running in New York and London on Monday 24 August

Chinese human rights abuses against Tibetans are being highlighted on billboards this month in New York’s Times Square and London, with millions of people expected to see them.

The images have been organised by London-based NGO, Free Tibet and started running on billboards in both cities on Monday 24 August. They’re due to finish two weeks later on 6 September.

The image in Times Square is on 42nd street between 7th and 8th Avenue. It is based on a real photo of a Tibetan monk being taken away by Chinese security forces The accompanying text highlights how, in this election year, Tibetans in Tibet and living under Chinese occupation are not only unable to vote, but cannot protest or even leave Tibet.

Free Tibet’s billboard in New York

A second advert in London, along the Kingston A3 Bypass, shows a person draped in the Tibetan flag behind bars. It explains that Tibet has been in lockdown since the Chinese invasion of the country in 1950.

The billboards are aimed at increasing public awareness of human rights abuses which are happening in Tibet. Millions of people are predicted to see the billboards in both locations during the two weeks they are set to run.

The campaign comes around a month before the 70th anniversary of the Chinese invasion of Tibet on 6 October. It also comes at a time when the Chinese government is coming under increased scrutiny for its abuses against the Uighur people and crackdowns in Hong Kong.

Free Tibet’s campaigns and advocacy manager, John Jones said:

“Beijing’s human rights record in Tibet is inexcusable and the west has been too silent for too long. This campaign breaks the silence and brings the Tibet issue back into the public domain where it belongs. We ask the public in New York’s Times Square, London and around the world to act now.”

The second billboard in London

We are Free Tibet, and we stand with Tibetans around the world. For their homeland, for their future and against China’s brutal occupation.