Tibetan killed as Chinese fire upon protesters

Monday, 23 January 2012
Norpa Yonten who was killed as Chinese forces opened fire

Chinese security forces opened fire on Tibetan protesters, killing at least one man, earlier today.

Free Tibet is aware of more than 30 others who have been injured, many of them shot, after a large gathering in Draggo (also known as Drango) was fired upon. It is not known why the Chinese opened fire.

The situation is still ongoing.

Tibetans shot

The dead man has been named as Norpa Yonten (right), a 49-year-old lay person from Norpa village, Norchung township in Draggo County. His body has been taken to the nearby Draggo monastery.

At least one other person has been taken to the monastery with gunshot wounds. Locals are fearful to take the injured to hospital in case they are arrested.

Tibetans are reportedly travelling to Draggo and large crowds are gathering in the grounds of the monastery.

Arrest of Tibetans

It is still unclear what sparked the protest. There are reports that Tibetans around Draggo were arrested this morning on suspicion of distributing leaflets and posters calling for freedom and the protest was a response to these arbitrary detentions.

There are also claims that it was in response to celebrations marking the Chinese New Year which many local Tibetans had decided to boycott due to the growing unrest.

The protesters were heard to call out for freedom for Tibet and the return of the Dalai Lama.

Internet access is now banned in Draggo.