We have endeavoured to credit photographers on the pages where their images appear if possible.

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Join button photo: Falsalama
Join banner on About page: Falsalama
Join box on Get involved page: Jim McGill
Top photo on Tibet's culture page: Pedro Saraiva
Bottom photo on Tibet's culture page: Miguel Angel Horcajada
All photos on Is Tibet a country? page: Pedro Saraiva
Photo on Life membership page: Falsalama
Photo on Legacies page: Vincent Van Den Berg
Photo on Donate regularly page: Jim McGill
Photo of horse and rider on Big Give graphic: Jim McGill
Photo of nomad and yak on Tibetan nomads page: Anthony Alvarez

Credit for original images used in social media graphics:

Bastille Day graphic: NonOmnisMoriar
Bastille Day graphic: Peter Fuchs
Dolly Parton graphic: pipilongstockings
Norway and China graphic:
St Patrick's Day graphic: Garry Knight
World Cup Ronaldo graphic: Calcio Streaming
Child terrorist graphic: Wikimedia Commons
Lord Davidson graphic: Pedro Saraiva