Ban Chen Quanguo: Campaign Updates

Since we kicked off the campaign in November, it has gone from strength to strength, as you can see in our timeline below.

These developments show that our sustained pressure has led to cross-party backing for action to be taken against Chen Quanguo, and other Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials. And yet, there has been very little apart from empty words from our leaders.

We need to keep up the pressure and we need your help to do so. Email your local MP today and demand that action cannot wait.


29 January 2021: The calls on the UK Government to take action against Chen, from Free Tibet and senior MPs, are getting harder and harder to ignore, but so far they have failed to take any action.

It is time to ramp up the pressure. Tell your local MP that we demand the government bans Chen, a man responsible for torture and genocide, NOW. Simply fill in our form and we will handle the rest.

28 January 2021: Free Tibet's petition to ban Chen from the UK reaches 6,000 signatures - thank you to everyone that has signed so far!

19 January 2021: UK Government narrowly defeats Trade Bill amendment to reconsider any trade deal with a country, found by the high court, to be committing genocide

19 January 2021: United States classifies China's policies toward Uyghurs as 'genocide'

15 January 2021: Two new reports highlighted the dangerous and dramatic plunge in human rights standards under CCP rule

11 December 2020: 11 new individuals added to Human Rights sanctions list but Chen Quanguo, or any CCP official, missing

27 November 2020: Free Tibet's petition reaches 3,000 signatures

25 November 2020: Free Tibet's campaign to place Chen Quanguo on the global human rights sanctions regime list launched

17 November 2020: Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China present signed letter to Foreign Office urging sanctions to be placed on Chinese officials


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