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Become a Mi Tse supporter and help the next generation of Tibetans grow up in a free Tibet.

What is Mi Tse support?

Mi Tse means ‘lifelong’ in Tibetan. A single one-off donation of £500 will make you a Free Tibet supporter for life. By supporting the campaign in this way, you will help ensure the calls for Tibetan freedom endure for as long as it takes.

What do I get?

By becoming a Mi Tse supporter you’ll become part of an exclusive group who receive the following special benefits:

  • Copies of all Free Tibet publications
  • Invitations to Free Tibet special events
  • An exclusive annual invite to meet the staff and director to discuss current developments
  • A Free Tibet T-shirt
  • A mention of your support in the Free Tibet magazine

How much does it cost?

You can become Mi Tse supporter for £500GBP or the equivalent in your own currency: $650USD, €600EUR, 43,500INR, 850AUD*

Your Mi Tse support makes our work possible. Thank you.

*currency conversions are offered as a guide and are correct as of September 2015. The rate at the time of purchase will be applied

Minimum amount : £ 500