Free Tibet School Pack

Our brand new School Pack is an educational material designed for children interested in the world around them. The pack introduces children to the wonder that is Tibetan culture through a mixture of essential information, captivating images and videos. The pack has been designed with children aged 7-8 years in mind, suitable for those in year 3 or others who are just looking to learn fun and educational facts about Tibet. 

The pack includes 5 topics:

1)   An introduction to Tibet
2)   Tibetan animals
3)   Tibetan landscapes
4)   Tibetan Buddhism
5)   Tibetan culture

Each topic is followed by a one-page activity sheet relating to the information the children have just learnt. The activities have been designed to make learning fun but also challenge children to engage more with the information they’ve just been taught. It also encourages the use of key skills such as comprehension, maths, the use of adjectives, and creative writing. At the end of the pack is a bonus page including a recipe and instructions for cooking momos. Momos are a delicious traditional Tibetan dish and are a must-try for those who are looking to challenge themselves and taste Tibetan cuisine in their own home.

This School Pack has been created by Free Tibet and is free to download below. If you would like to make a voluntary donation, please follow the link below or click here.

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