Demand respect and freedom for Bangri Tsamtrul Rinpoche

Write to the Tibet Autonomous Region chairman

Bangri Tsultrum Rinpoche Bangri Tsamtrul Rinpoche was charged in 1999 for "attempting to split the country" and is due to be released in 2021. The Rinpoche (Rinpoche is a religious title) was subjected to lengthy interrogation and tortured before his trial. Tibetan political prisoners are frequently denied their rights to humane treatment under international and even Chinese law.

You can help Bangri Tsamtrul Rinpoche by contacting the regional authorities to demand his early release and by contacting the prison where he is held to demand humane treatment.

Fill in the form at the foot of the page and Free Tibet will send the messages below on your behalf to the regional governor of the Tibet Autonomous Region and the governor of Chushul prison. (Your email address will not be supplied with your message).

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Lobsang Jamcan
People's Government of the Tibet Autonomous Region
Zhuren Xizang Zizhiqu Renmin Zhengfu
1 Kang'angdonglu
Lasashi 850000, Xizang Zizhiqu
People's Republic of China

Dear Lobsang Jamcan

I am contacting you today to raise the case of Bangri Tsamtrul Rinpoche (邦日仁波切), currently serving a 19 year sentence in Chusul Prison, TAR. I call on you to take all measures within your power to secure his release from prison as a matter of urgency. Like other monks and nuns imprisoned in Tibet, he is a peaceful individual who has stood up for his religious beliefs, his community and his culture. Such actions should not be criminalised.

Bangri Tsamtrul Rinpoche was detained in 1999 and “confessed” to attempting to split the country under torture. He was originally sentenced to life in prison. He and his wife, Nyima, had founded an orphanage for Lhasa’s deprived children and were well-respected pillars of the community. His conviction for separatism is believed to be as a result of his relationship with a man who allegedly trying to raise a Tibetan flag and detonate explosives at the 1999 National Minority Games.

The state has provided no evidence that his conviction was based upon due legal process or principles of justice established in international law. The province authorities must seek an immediate review of his conviction and imprisonment, with a view to his release as soon as possible.

Bangri Tsamtrul Rinpoche’s case reflects concerns about the imprisonment of monks and nuns across Tibet. As you know, Article 35 of the Chinese constitution guarantees freedom of speech, assembly, association, procession and demonstration. Article 36 guarantees religious freedom. Monks and nuns must be free to exercise their religious freedom and freedom of speech across the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR).

Abuse of these freedoms is a source of significant distress and resentment to Tibetans and is a legitimate trigger for protest. Authorities must not interfere in any way with the religious activities inside or outside monasteries or prevent monks and nuns serving their communities. Monks and nuns must be free to travel within the TAR and Tibet as a whole, including on pilgrimage and for religious festivals or teachings. In addition, there is no justification for shows of force and heavily-armed security forces at religious events and religious authorities. Ordinary Tibetans must be able to practice their religion without fear.

I call on you to take immediate action in regard to Bangri Tsamtrul Rinpoche and to ensure that the religious freedom and freedom of expression of all citizens of the TAR are protected by your regional government.

Yours sincerely


Qushui Prison Governor
Qushui prison
Qushui county
Lasashi 850600, Xizang Zizhiqu

Dear Prison Governor

I am writing to you regarding prisoner Bangri Tsamtrul Rinpoche 邦日仁波切 also known as Jinmei Danzeng Nima 晋美旦增尼玛. Bangri Tsamtrul Rinpoche was arrested in 1999 and sentenced to life imprisonment for separatism, although that was later commuted to 18 years. He was tortured in detention and his conviction was a gross abuse of his civil and political rights.

I have contacted the authorities to demand that Bangri Tsamtrul Rinpoche’s conviction is overturned. In the meantime, in accordance with the Prison Law of the People's Republic of China, the National Human Rights Action Plan of China 2012-2015 and international legal standards, I call on you as the person responsible for his treatment to:

• Ensure he is not tortured (Article 14, Prison Law of the People’s Republic of China)
• Ensure his prison conditions preserve his dignity (Article 7, Prison Law of PRC) and comfort, including appropriate clothing (including monks’ robes), warmth, toilet and bathing facilities, recreational and educational opportunities and personal space
• Ensure he is provided with adequate food and water and that he receives prompt, effective medical treatment wherever needed, for new and existing health problems (Section II, Human Rights Action Plan)
• Ensure he is given full access to a lawyer of his choosing, and is able to submit appeals and complaints about his treatment to resident procurators without hindrance (Section II, Human Rights Action Plan)
• Ensure he has complete freedom to practise his religious devotions and duties (Article 52, Prison Law of PRC and Article 36, Constitution of the People’s Republic of China)
• Ensure his family is informed of his location (Article 20, Prison Law of PRC) and that they are able to visit him (Article 48)
• Ensure he is free to send and receive correspondence (Article 47, Prison Law of PRC)

I also urge you to use your power and discretion wherever the law allows it to support his early release through parole, medical leave or other means.

I look forward to your assurances that he is receiving this treatment, to which he is entitled under the aforementioned legal provisions.

Yours sincerely

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