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The climate crisis is hitting the world's third pole and will affect Tibetans, climate expert says

23rd October 2019
The climate crisis is warming the world’s third pole in a shift which could leave Tibetans and others in the region...Read more

China is pushing for an extradition treaty with Nepal

10th October 2019
Kathmandu and Beijing are preparing to sign an extradition treaty which could impact Tibetans in Nepal.Read more

Six arrested after refusing to participate in CCP celebrations

30th September 2019
Security across Tibet has been stepped up in preparation for the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of ChinaRead more

Hundreds of Tibetan monks instructed to praise Chinese Communist Party in choreographed video

26th September 2019
As part of the ceremony, monks were told to “expose the 14th Dalai Lama's reactionary thoughts”Read more

Tibetan travel company bars Hong Kong tourists from visiting TAR

13th September 2019
The ban was issued in August as protests gathered pace in Hong KongRead more

Tibetan monk to tour 30 European countries calling for dialogue with China

12th September 2019
A Tibetan monk is on a "peace tour" through Europe to call for dialogue between the Chinese government and the Dalai...Read more

Court sentences Tibetan monk to three years in prison

11th September 2019
A court sentenced Tibetan monk Lobsang Dorjee to three years in prison on 3 September.Read more

Tibetan WeChat users could face eight years in prison for sharing news about Hong Kong

5th September 2019
Tibetans could face up to eight years in prison for sharing a range of information and news on WeChat.Read more

Eight Tibetans detained for “organising a mob to disturb social order”

3rd September 2019
Tibetans in south-eastern Tibet have been detained on suspicion of “organising a mob to disturb social order” and “...Read more

Thousands relocated in southern Tibet

22nd August 2019
2,693 people from majority Tibetan townships were relocated earlier this yearRead more

Job ad by Chinese tech firm bars Tibetans and Uyghurs applying

21st August 2019
A job advert posted by a Chinese tech firm bars Tibetans, Uyghurs and other minority groups from applyingRead more

Details emerge of three monks arrested in eastern Tibet

15th August 2019
Thubpa, Lobsang Thamkhe and Lobsang Dorjee were arrested between 2017 and 2019. Their current locations are unknown.Read more

Authorities offer Tibetan informants over $40,000 for information on “illegal” activities

14th August 2019
The Chinese government has offered rewards of over $40,000 dollars for major information on "illegal" activitiesRead more

Reciprocal access bill introduced to parliament

24th July 2019
MP Tim Loughton seeks to emulate the success of the USA's Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act The...Read more

Free Tibet’s ‘The Crossing’ selected for the Lift-off Sessions film festival

15th July 2019
A film created by Free Tibet has a chance to become a finalist in the Lift-Off sessions film festival. If it does then...Read more

Researching Tibet has become more like working on North Korea, HRW China director says

8th July 2019
In an interview with Free Tibet, the China director of Human Rights Watch described both the challenges and urgency of...Read more

Further evictions and repression at Yarchen Gar

8th July 2019
Among those removed from the religious community are 70 nuns, who have since been detainedRead more

China cracks down on Tibetan “separatists” as part of anti-crime drive, state media says

26th June 2019
Chinese state media reported that the government has targeted Tibetan “separatists” alongside criminal gangs in...Read more