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Lodi Gyaltsen Gyari, former Special Envoy to the Dalai Lama, passes away

30th October 2018
As an activist and diplomat, Lodi Gyaltsen Gyari inspired countless Tibetans and Tibet supporters...Read more

China promotes legal training for Tibetan Monks

29th October 2018
Teams have been sent to temples across Tibet to promote legal education in an effort to maintain stability.Read more

Larung Gar residents prohibited from celebrating Buddhist festival

23rd October 2018
Residents have been prevented from celebrating the Dechen Shingdrup festival every year since 2016Read more

Nomads in Chone County protest against local authorities

18th October 2018
A group of Tibetans stage a sit-in in front of government buildings against non-payment of compensationRead more

American politicians raise Tibetan human rights

15th October 2018
The CECC's annual report details human rights abuses in Tibet, drawing on information from Free Tibet and Tibet WatchRead more

Former political prisoner dies after prolonged medical treatment

2nd October 2018
Another victim of Chinese prison violence dead as a result of mistreatment and torture.Read more

Tibetfest Returns

28th September 2018
Reflections on London Tibetfest 2018 - a celebration of Tibetan culture, history and activism.Read more

Rewards for informants of "underworld forces" in Ganzi

27th September 2018
Chinese officials offer money to local informers for reporting on Tibetan activities.Read more

China restricts renovations at Yarchen Gar

25th September 2018
New restrictions come a year after 3,500 homes were torn down at the Buddhist site.Read more

Profit before people: Google in China

25th September 2018
Google's planned return to China is ominous, but technology can also help Tibet.Read more

Three Young Tibetan monks held for the solo protest in Ngaba County

25th September 2018
Monks held in detention for defying Chinese authorities.Read more

Five Tibetan Monks Detained in Ngaba

20th September 2018
In early September, Chinese authorities in Ngaba County,...Read more

Liverpool FC and Tibet water part ways after year-long campaign

12th September 2018
Free Tibet and its partners urged the club to scrap a 2017 sponsorship deal with the water bottling companyRead more

New Refugees Arrive in Dharamsala

30th August 2018
Recent exiles shed light on China’s latest efforts to control TibetRead more

Political Prisoner Tashi Wangchuk denied appeal

23rd August 2018
The language campaigner was sentenced to a five year prison term in May, charged with "inciting separatism".Read more

Tibetan political prisoner released after 10 years

17th August 2018
Gonpo Tseten was released from prison two years early but is now under surveillanceRead more

Regulations tighten controls in Yushu Prefecture

16th August 2018
A notification issued earlier this year pledges to crack down on “underworld forces” in eastern TibetRead more

China on the defensive as its human rights comes under scrutiny

14th August 2018
Chinese delegates try to play down and suppress evidence of Beijing’s repression in TibetRead more

Tibetan political prisoner released after completing a six year prison term

14th August 2018
Namkha Jam was convicted for “inciting separatism” in 2013.Read more