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Update: Lodoe Gyatso revealed to be in detention in Sog County

7th February 2018
Lodoe Gyatso disappeared in mysterious circumstances in Lhasa last weekRead more

Tibetan writer released from prison

5th February 2018
Tibetan political prisoner, Gartse Jigme, has been released from prison.Read more

Former Tibetan prisoner disappears again in Lhasa

30th January 2018
Renowned former political prisoner Lodoe Gyatso is the latest victim among the hundreds to be ‘disappeared’ for...Read more

Tibetans push back against the lack of Tibetan language in local courts

17th January 2018
Support for a petition to China's Supreme Court came from inside and outside TibetRead more

Report: Tibet remains among the least free places in the world

17th January 2018
Once more Tibet ranks as the second lowest for freedom in Freedom House’s annual worldwide surveyRead more

Tibet groups up pressure on Liverpool FC owner to drop controversial deal

15th January 2018
A mobile billboard hit the streets of Liverpool on Sunday, calling on the club's owner to end its partnership with...Read more

One week later - no verdict on Tashi Wangchuk

12th January 2018
The Chinese authorities have provided no information since last Friday. Meanwhile Tashi Wangchuk remains in detentionRead more

Tashi Wangchuk trial goes ahead

8th January 2018
Tashi Wangchuk denied "inciting separatism" during his four-hour hearing. He is now awaiting the verdictRead more

Tashi Wangchuk set to stand trial next week

31st December 2017
Tashi Wangchuk was arrested in 2016. His case has drawn international attentionRead more

Former monk sacrifices himself for Tibet

25th December 2017
Kunbey is one of at least six Tibetans to have set himself on fire in Tibet in 2017Read more

China tightens security around Larung Gar

22nd December 2017
Screening procedures including scanners and ID cards have been introduced as residents are forced to prove to local...Read more

Blog: our year in review

22nd December 2017
2017 has been such a busy year, and we have done so much.Read more

Eight-year-old excluded from school due to father's political activities

21st December 2017
Namkyi Dolma's father was arrested for his role in protests in 2008Read more

Blog: London Tibetfest 2017

6th December 2017
We spent months thinking and planning and hoping... and Tibetfest was fabulous.Read more

Elderly monk carries out self-immolation protest in eastern Tibet

29th November 2017
Tenga, 63, was taken away by police. His current condition is unknownRead more

Liverpool FC’s Tibet Water deal slammed in EU Parliament

22nd November 2017
MEP Molly Scott-Cato criticised the "poorly thought-through deal" as human rights were raised during discussions on EU-...Read more

Canada calls on China to accept UN visit to Panchen Lama

21st November 2017
Minister of Foreign Affairs calls on China to allow the United Nations High Commissioner to visit the Panchen LamaRead more

Imprisoned monk released after five years in prison

16th November 2017
Lobsang Jinpa was accused of writing song lyrics for Tibetan musician Lolo, who was also arrestedRead more

China remains “the world’s worst abuser of internet freedom”

15th November 2017
Freedom House report includes cases of Tibetans being punished for online writings and communities having their...Read more

Tibet under Xi Jinping: Five years of suffocation

15th November 2017
Xi Jinping continues to push China’s voice on the world stage all the while covering up his crackdown in TibetRead more