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Tibetans celebrate the birthday of the Dalai Lama

10th July 2011
Thousands defy Chinese ban on marking the occasionRead more

Communist Party celebrations boycotted in Nangchen

5th July 2011
Eight monks have been detained for allegedly calling on locals not to attend celebrations to mark the foundation of the...Read more

Multiple protests in Kardze

30th June 2011
Tibetans in Kardze, Eastern Tibet have staged several protests as unrest grows in the region. Within June alone, a...Read more

Camera crew arrive at Kirti monastery to film religious ceremony.

15th June 2011
Monks boycotted the event saying the government had staged it for propaganda purposes.Read more

Torture and abuse in prison

17th May 2011
Two women detained on 21 April whilst trying to stop removal of Kirti monks have been released. Monks reported: "...Read more

Monk dies after self immolation

17th March 2011
He was taken to the county hospital to receive treatment but later died of his injuriesRead more

Monk self immolation

16th March 2011
Monk sets himself alight on the anniversary of Tibetan protestsRead more

Update on self immolating monk

16th March 2011
Over one thousand ‘stand guard’ outside Kirti monastery as fate of monk remains unknownRead more

Human Rights Watch slams EU dialogue on human rights

24th January 2011
Annual report criticises use of soft talking, ineffective ‘private talks’ and dialogues with governments who abuse...Read more

Free Tibet calls for suspension of rights dialogue

12th January 2011
UK-China Human Rights Dialogue has failed to deliver tangible improvements in human rights for people in Tibet and...Read more