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18-year-old is latest Tibetan to set himself on fire

19th February 2012
Another teenager has self-immolated, and reportedly died, in Tibet An 18-year-old lay person, named...Read more

Monastery official self-immolates

17th February 2012
Monk was member of monastery Democratic Management CommitteeRead more

Teenager self-immolates as protests continue

13th February 2012
Young monk's wellbeing and whereabouts are unknown Lobsang Gyatso, a monk from Kirti Monastery, set...Read more

Teenage Tibetan girl self-immolates

12th February 2012
Tenzin Choedon, an 18-year-old, has become the latest Tibetan to set themselves on fire. Tenzin, a...Read more

China gets ready for “war” in Tibet

11th February 2012
Chinese official issues chilling warning Regional Communist Party Chief of Tibet Chen Quanguo has...Read more

Wave of self-immolations continues

9th February 2012
Teenage former monk self-immolates Rigzin Dorjee, a 19-year-old former Kirit monk disrobed in 2010,...Read more

Self-immolation and protests in new Tibetan prefecture

9th February 2012
wellbeing and whereabouts of these Tibetans are unknownRead more

Global solidarity - blog

8th February 2012
Free Tibet Director Stephanie Brigden writes from Dharamsala, home of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan exiled...Read more

Three more self-immolate in Tibet

4th February 2012
Protests against Chinese continueRead more

Tenzin Wangmo picture

2nd February 2012
Photo of first nun to self-immolate This is Tenzin Wangmo, the 20-year-old nun who died after setting...Read more

Photos of Chinese force in Tibet

2nd February 2012
Images appear of Serthar violence and funeral Free Tibet has received a number of images showing...Read more

Shooting injuries photos

1st February 2012
These are the images which have appeared online.Read more

Shooting injuries photos appear online

1st February 2012
The images are graphic and may cause distress to some viewers.Read more

Latest shooting in Tibet

27th January 2012
Chinese forces kill another Another Tibetan has been killed in the latest in a series of shootings...Read more

Faces of arrested Tibetans

25th January 2012
Detainees, disappearances and deaths confirmed We’ve received images of three men who have been...Read more

Second day of killing in Tibet

24th January 2012
Chinese continue shooting Tibetans. At least two people have been shot dead by Chinese forces in...Read more

Tibetan killed as Chinese fire upon protesters

23rd January 2012
Chinese security forces open fire on Tibetan protestersRead more

Ngaba protests updates

23rd January 2012
Former monk who self-immolated is named The Tibetan who set himself on fire in Ngaba last weekend has...Read more