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Land to be confiscated from Tibetans as part of railway project construction

15th April 2020
Land confiscation has been met with protests by Tibetans in the past.Read more

Chinese official appointed to a UN Human Rights Council panel

6th April 2020
There has been much backlash against this decision.Read more

Three Tibetans detained for spreading “rumours” about coronavirus

3rd April 2020
Three Tibetans detained for five to ten days and fined 500 yuan for spreading coronavirus “rumours”Read more

Tibetan father and son arrested for listening to Dalai Lama teachings

2nd April 2020
Two Tibetans from the TAR were arrested in December on suspicion of loyalty to the Dalai Lama and listening to his...Read more

Chinese government relaxes the coronavirus lockdown in Tibet

1st April 2020
Many Tibetans are concerned as this could spark a second wave of the pandemic.Read more

Nepal upholds restrictions on Tibetans

27th March 2020
Tibetans in Nepal were once again banned from commemorating Tibetan National Uprising Day.Read more

Tibetan environmental defender and former political prisoner passes away

24th March 2020
Tashi Phuntsok, an associate of Tenzin Delek Rinpoche, passed away earlier this monthRead more

10 Tibetans arrested in connection to coronavirus rumours

23rd March 2020
Crackdown by Chinese authorities continues.Read more

Crackdown on communications in areas of Tibet amidst coronavirus crisis

19th March 2020
Online communications in two Townships have been searched with 75 chat groups shut downRead more

Sam Walton takes the helm at Free Tibet and Tibet Watch

11th March 2020
The Boards of Free Tibet and Tibet Watch are delighted to announce the appointment of Sam Walton as the new Chief...Read more

Tibetan nun takes her life after expulsion from Yarchen Gar

19th February 2020
The nun had been detained in a camp having been expelled from her homeRead more

Seven Tibetans arrested for spreading rumours about coronavirus

19th February 2020
More updates about the virus inside Tibet.Read more

Tibetan monk released after 2 years of imprisonment

10th February 2020
Chochok was arrested by the Chinese authorities in connection with a social media post.Read more

Nepal and China have signed an extradition treaty, Nepal’s foreign affairs minister confirms

24th January 2020
Nepal and China have signed an extradition treaty, Nepal’s foreign affairs minister confirms.Read more

New law pushing for ‘ethnic unity’ set to affect Tibetans and other minorities

23rd January 2020
Experts have raised fears that the law will be used to justify crackdown on TibetansRead more

Jailed Tibetan activist appeals for second trial

17th January 2020
Tibetan activist, A-Nya Sengdra and his lawyer prepare to fight seven-year prison sentenceRead more