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US Congress progresses bill to open Tibet

20th December 2019
Bill which pushes for a US consulate in Lhasa will move forward to House voteRead more

The EU condemn China on International Human Rights Day

18th December 2019
The European Union (EU) condemned China on 10 December 2019, the 71st anniversary of the proclamation of the Universal...Read more

CCP delegates visit Belgium to discourage support for the Dalai Lama

18th December 2019
CCP delegates tried to dissuade support for the Dalai Lama and other exiled Tibetans in an official visit to Belgium...Read more

Tibetan activist handed seven year prison sentence

6th December 2019
Tibetan anti-corruption activist A-Nya Sengdra has been given a seven year prison sentenceRead more

Chinese government official tries to fabricate fraud claim against Tibetan

29th November 2019
Chinese government official in south eastern Tibet tries to fabricate a fraud claim against a TibetanRead more

Nomad and former monk, 24, dies after self-immolation protest

28th November 2019
Yonten carried out his protest in Ngaba County, the scene of numerous self-immolation protests since 2009Read more

Free Tibet endorses statement condemning police violence in Hong Kong

25th November 2019
Free Tibet has joined other human rights organisations in endorsing a statement for the UN High Commissioner for Human...Read more

Whereabouts of a Tibetan man detained arbitrarily unknown

22nd November 2019
Pema Samdup, 26, was arrested more than eight months ago and has not been seen or heard from since.Read more

Six Tibetans arrested during crackdowns in Kardze

22nd November 2019
Free Tibet has learned of the arrest of six Tibetans in...Read more

China's "counter-terrorism" law could threaten Tibetans and Uyghurs, says UN experts

22nd November 2019
UN experts have written to China, outlining their concerns over the 2016 law.Read more

Tibetan man imprisoned for sharing books on WeChat

18th November 2019
Wangchuk has been in detention since MarchRead more

Tibetan man arrested in Nagchu and held in unknown location

15th November 2019
Lhadar from Nagchu in central Tibet was arrested in early OctoberRead more

The climate crisis is hitting the world's third pole and will affect Tibetans, climate expert says

23rd October 2019
The climate crisis is warming the world’s third pole in a shift which could leave Tibetans and others in the region...Read more

China is pushing for an extradition treaty with Nepal

10th October 2019
Kathmandu and Beijing are preparing to sign an extradition treaty which could impact Tibetans in Nepal.Read more

Six arrested after refusing to participate in CCP celebrations

30th September 2019
Security across Tibet has been stepped up in preparation for the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of ChinaRead more

Hundreds of Tibetan monks instructed to praise Chinese Communist Party in choreographed video

26th September 2019
As part of the ceremony, monks were told to “expose the 14th Dalai Lama's reactionary thoughts”Read more

Tibetan travel company bars Hong Kong tourists from visiting TAR

13th September 2019
The ban was issued in August as protests gathered pace in Hong KongRead more