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Vigil video emerges

22nd November 2011
Video has emerged of a large gathering for a vigil for Palden Choetso . The...Read more

Huge media reaction to Tibet protests

21st November 2011
“Nobody knows how many people killed and tortured – I mean death through torture. Nobody knows.”Read more

Eleventh Tibetan - second nun - dies after setting fire to herself

3rd November 2011
Palden Choetso is the eleventh confirmed self-immolation in Tibet this yearRead more

Bomb explosion reported in Tibet

27th October 2011
The words “Tibet’s independence” were written on the walls of the damaged building.Read more

Dalai Lama asserts control over succession

26th October 2011
the Chinese Communist Party can have no sway whatsoever over his reincarnationRead more

Today, self-immolation spreads to different area of Tibet

25th October 2011
Free Tibet is unable to confirm the monk’s identity, well-being and whereaboutsRead more

Protest in London

22nd October 2011
Thank you to all of you who joined us on Saturday 22 October in London to protest against China's occupation of Tibet...Read more

Unrest in Tibet widens

17th October 2011
Two Tibetans shot and a nun dies after setting fire to herselfRead more

Two teenagers set themselves on fire

7th October 2011
Rumours that many more in Tibet ready to give their livesRead more

Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu speaks out forcefully for Tibet

5th October 2011
South African government criticised for bowing to Chinese pressure and failing to support TibetansRead more

Fifth monk self-immolates

3rd October 2011
Fifth self-immolation in Tibet establishes unprecedented trendRead more

Two more Tibetan monks set themselves alight

26th September 2011
The monks called for religious freedom and “long live the Dalai Lama"Read more

Ngaba prison terms

30th August 2011
Monks sentenced in Ngaba in connection with Phuntsog's death China has sentenced six monks, in...Read more

Tibetans celebrate the birthday of the Dalai Lama

10th July 2011
Thousands defy Chinese ban on marking the occasionRead more

Communist Party celebrations boycotted in Nangchen

5th July 2011
Eight monks have been detained for allegedly calling on locals not to attend celebrations to mark the foundation of the...Read more

Multiple protests in Kardze

30th June 2011
Tibetans in Kardze, Eastern Tibet have staged several protests as unrest grows in the region. Within June alone, a...Read more