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China's Tibet lies

22nd February 2013
Official plumbs new depths of denial A letter from China’s ambassador to the UK sheds new light...Read more

Tibetan youths set fire to themselves

20th February 2013
Two teenagers die in latest protest 17-year-old Rinchen and 18-year-old Sonam Dhargye are the latest...Read more

China to be probed by UN over Free Tibet evidence

19th February 2013
Children’s committee challenges China over shootings, protest, education rights and more Earlier this...Read more

Cross-legged in flames: another protest in Tibet

17th February 2013
49-year-old father of four reported to have died 49-year-old Namlha Tsering set himself alight...Read more

100th Tibetan self-immolates

14th February 2013
Protest milestone in TibetRead more

Tibetan protest in Nepal

13th February 2013
Man sets fire to himself in Kathmandu A Tibetan man set himself alight in protest against China’s...Read more

Beaten for not flying the Chinese flag

10th February 2013
A group of tibetans from Meyal township have been brutally beaten for refusing to fly the Chinese flag from their homes...Read more

Mass arrests, propaganda and show trials over protests

7th February 2013
70 reported to be arrested in recent days Following the...Read more

UN hears Tibet Watch testimony about abuse of children's rights

6th February 2013
Impact of Chinese occupation on lives of young people detailed Expert analysts from...Read more

Teenage protester died before he could set himself alight

5th February 2013
17-year-old Tibetan reportedly left a note calling for Tibetans to “rise up” Reports have been...Read more

New governor: same Tibet

1st February 2013
Tibetan set to continue policies of Chinese masters Former mayor of Lhasa Losang Gyaltsen has taken...Read more

China gives top award to army in Tibet

30th January 2013
State's iron fist is praised for "sincerely serving Tibetan people" One of the Chinese army regiments...Read more

Stand-off between community and authorities after fatal protest

23rd January 2013
Authorities refuse to release body for funeral Kunchok Kyab died after setting himself alight at...Read more

China’s ‘deep grief’ over Tibetan self-immolations

22nd January 2013
Chinese ambassador’s PR offensive also claims Tibetans enjoy religious freedom China’s...Read more

Second self-immolation protest of 2013

18th January 2013
28 year-old Dupchoek set himself alight at an open-air basketball court in Ngaba at 3.15 in the afternoon. He...Read more

Protests continue into 2013

12th January 2013
First Tibetan to set himself on fire this year A Tibetan man has died after setting fire to himself...Read more

Censorship in China a distant second to Tibet

11th January 2013
Tibetan voices are silenced and punishment for speaking out is swift and severeRead more

Tourism boom in Tibet

9th January 2013
Despite ongoing crisis, authorities expect to see 15 million tourists annually by 2015 Tourism in...Read more

2012: A year of unprecedented protests

20th December 2012
Tibetans have been protesting against the Chinese oppressive regime on a scale never seen before....Read more