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9 Times Free Tibet Fought Back in 2020

1st January 2021
We kicked off 2020 by announcing our new campaign -- Tibet's Climate Crisis.Read more

Tibetan writer and poet detained - whereabouts unknown

16th December 2020
Gendun Lhundrup was arrested in eastern Tibet in early DecemberRead more

Authorities detained Tibetan rights advocate for ten days

11th December 2020
Tsering Tso was detained and fined.Read more

US diplomat urges partner countries to introduce reciprocal access laws on Tibet

9th December 2020
New Special Coordinator for Tibet Issues called on countries to follow the USA’s example.Read more

Chinese government official called for stricter policing of religious activities

4th December 2020
Ding Yexian visited areas of Lhasa and said Tibetan Buddhism should obey CCP rules.Read more

Detention of missing Tibetan monk confirmed

2nd December 2020
Reports have confirmed that Rinchen Tsultrim was arrested in August 2019.Read more

Free Tibet launches campaign calling for the UK Government to place sanctions on Chen Quanguo

26th November 2020
Free Tibet has launched a campaign calling for the UK Government to place a travel ban on Chen Quanguo, a senior...Read more

Peace with China is “definitely” possible, “big nations” should use their resources to preserve the climate - Dalai Lama

13th November 2020
The Dalai Lama spoke to Channel 4 News about his book, climate change and peace with China.Read more

Tibetan singer sentenced to six years in prison

13th November 2020
Lhundrub Drakpa was sentenced to six years in prison in June.Read more

Glacier ice melting at the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau

12th November 2020
The largest glacier in the Qilian mountain chain has retreated around 450 metres since the 1950s.Read more

Authorities highlight need for Tibetan Buddhists to study Seventh Central Tibet Work Forum

5th November 2020
Further meetings held across Tibet require Buddhists to be educated in CCP ideology.Read more

Tibetan woman dies after police detention

30th October 2020
Human Rights Watch has reported the death of a Tibetan woman after she was detained by police.Read more

Progress towards “national unity” praised at Tibetan county event

30th October 2020
Sangri County near Lhasa held its annual National Unity and Progress Model conference on 25 September.Read more

Monks and nuns at Larung Gar instructed to study the Seventh Central Tibet Work Forum

23rd October 2020
Monks at two other monasteries have also had similar organized seminars.Read more

Chinese government organised “constitutional law and policy” training for monks and nuns

22nd October 2020
Tibetan Monks and nuns had training sessions on law and policy in the Dzoge region of eastern Tibet.Read more

Over a thousand Tibetans forcefully relocated

22nd October 2020
Tibetan villagers from 14 villages were forcefully relocated this month.Read more

Projection video calls upon the UK Government to hold China accountable

8th October 2020
The video was projected onto the UK Parliament building and the Tower of London.Read more

Young Tibetans learning Xi Jinping Thought for government jobs

8th October 2020
Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a New Era has been heavily promoted by the CCP...Read more