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Chinese authorities order removal of Tibetan prayer flags in eastern Tibet

26th June 2020
Authorities have said Tibetan prayer flags must be removed in Golog county, eastern Tibet as part of an environmental...Read more

Chinese authorities intensify patriotism campaign in Tibet

24th June 2020
The CCP hopes to further promote their Ethnic Unity Law.Read more

Tibetans face state led discrimination against employment opportunities

19th June 2020
Tibetans involved in “seperatist activities” barred from applying to police jobs.Read more

China further restricts Tibet’s links with outside world following coronavirus crisis

12th June 2020
Influential Tibetan exiles see WeChat accounts blockedRead more

Saga Dawa restrictions across Tibet

12th June 2020
Tibetans have been subjected to increasingly tight restrictions during the holy month in recent years.Read more

Bill in US Congress to recognise Tibet as independent nation

29th May 2020
The bill could see the US president recognise Tibet as an independent and separate country from ChinaRead more

Solidarity message from the global Tibet movement: We stand with Hong Kong

25th May 2020
We, International Tibet Network Members, a coalition of over 100 Tibet-related campaign organisations, stand in...Read more

Around 400 families were forced to relocate from their ancestral land

20th May 2020
Mass relocation schemes of Tibetans have gone on for over a decade.Read more

Government-backed gang intimidates activists in eastern Tibet, sources say

20th May 2020
State-backed “Gang Against Underworld Forces” beating and intimidating TibetansRead more

Renovation project of Jokhang Temple launched by Chinese authorities

19th May 2020
Tibetans fear that the construction could lead to destruction or alteration of the UNESCO-protected historical site.Read more

Authorities in Tibet launch campaign to promote marriage between Tibetan and Han Chinese people

14th May 2020
The campaign was launched following the introduction of the controversial new Ethnic Unity law on 1 MayRead more

Former political prisoner passes away from lack of medical care in prison

11th May 2020
Choekyi passed away at the age of 43 last week.Read more

Former political prisoner passes away in Lhasa

6th May 2020
Tsering Bhakdro endured eight years in one of Tibet's most notorious prisonsRead more

Authorities investigate over 4,000 households in Tibet with ties outside the country

6th May 2020
Officials investigate Tibetan citizens with family members in exileRead more

Authorities offer up to $85,000 to citizen informers in Tibet

29th April 2020
The public have been asked to identify Tibetans who endanger “national unity” or criticise the Communist PartyRead more

Tibetan political prisoner dies of injuries from severe beating

29th April 2020
Tibetan political prisoner dies of injuries from severe beatingRead more

Tibetan man released after five years in prison for publicly supporting Dalai Lama

22nd April 2020
Tibetan political prisoner released in eastern TibetRead more

Tibetans forced to display portraits of CCP leaders

22nd April 2020
Tibetan households are now reportedly being forced by Chinese authorities to display the portraits of leading Chinese...Read more

Free Tibet launches petition calling for The Economist and Wall Street Journal to drop Chinese government material

16th April 2020
Free Tibet launches petition for The Economist and Wall Street Journal to drop sections paid for by ChinaRead more

Daily Telegraph stops publishing paid-for Chinese propaganda

15th April 2020
Chinese state media propaganda removed from The Telegraph website in recent daysRead more