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Chinese abuses in Tibet highlighted on billboards in Times Square and London

26th August 2020
Billboards organised by Free Tibet started running in New York and London on Monday 24 August.Read more

Chinese authorities detain owner of coal mine operating illegally in Tibet

20th August 2020
An open pit coal mine has been operating illegally in eastern Tibet.Read more

Chinese state-appointed Panchen Lama visits Lhasa

19th August 2020
The visit was carried out to emphasise official policy on patriotism and religion.Read more

No government aid sent to flooded Tibetan villages

19th August 2020
Houses, crops and livestock have been severely affected by the floods.Read more

China continues to intensify campaigns on “Ethnic Unity” in Lhasa

12th August 2020
Ethnic unity regulations have been brought into place since May this year.Read more

The Economist quietly drops Advertisement Features paid by Chinese state media

11th August 2020
Free Tibet and the International Tibet Network celebrate a campaign win.Read more

Authorities organise a campaign to teach Tibetan monks and nuns law online

10th August 2020
The campaign combines online activities to teach law, organised by the Department of Justice, and the Religious Affairs...Read more

Tibetans blocked from Buddhist sites in Lhasa while Chinese tourists allowed in

7th August 2020
Tibetan government workers, school children and retirees barred from Jokhang Temple in Lhasa while Chinese tourists are...Read more

Free Tibet chief executive speaks at Uyghur solidarity protest

7th August 2020
Free Tibet supported a Uyghur solidarity protest outside the Chinese embassy where chief executive Sam Walton called...Read more

WeChat ban in India disrupts information sharing from Tibet

5th August 2020
Tibetans in exile are facing difficulties in staying in contact with family in Tibet.Read more

Inspiration to many, Ama Adhe, passes away aged 88

4th August 2020
Ama Adhe was a hero of the resistance, a political prisoner and an advocate for TibetRead more

Former Tibetan monk and political prisoner dies

16th July 2020
Samdup, a former Tibetan monk and political prisoner died on 17 FebruaryRead more

CPPCC leader Wang Yang called on Tibetans to prioritise the Chinese state over religion

16th July 2020
Senior CCP official urges Tibetans to fight against separatismRead more

Tibetans imprisoned for song praising the Dalai Lama

16th July 2020
A third Tibetan was arrested for posting the musical tribute on social mediaRead more

Chinese authorities relocate over fifty Tibetans

13th July 2020
Authorities forcefully moved around 59 Tibetans to new homes on 24 June, Tibet Watch has said.Read more

Free Tibet activists challenge China with projection on Chinese Embassy in London

10th July 2020
Groups including Free Tibet, Tibet Network and Students for a Free Tibet projected messages onto the Chinese embassy...Read more

China continues to push “underworld forces” campaign in Tibet

3rd July 2020
Authorities have extended the campaign in eastern Tibet, telling citizens to fight against “underworld forces” and...Read more

Crackdown on online communications continue

3rd July 2020
Arrests have been made for sharing information online.Read more