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'Hundred Days' campaign launched in Amchok

21st December 2018
Authorities in eastern Tibet’s Sangchu County have stepped up efforts against dissent.Read more

Teenage monk beaten and detained following solo protest

17th December 2018
Sangye Gyatso called for Tibetan freedom before being attacked by police officers in Ngaba CountyRead more

Two Self-Immolations in Ngaba

14th December 2018
Reports of two Tibetan teenagers self-immolating has been confirmed.Read more

Tibetan human rights advocate Palden Gyatso passes away at the age of 85

30th November 2018
Palden Gyatso was the first Tibetan political prisoner to bring his experiences to the United NationsRead more

Speaker tour of tibetan voices

29th November 2018
One of our goals at Free Tibet is to spread the word about Tibet – the country, its occupation and what we can do...Read more

Monks undergo training in Chamdo

26th November 2018
Chinese authorities continue efforts to control Tibetan BuddhismRead more

Constitutional examinations across the Tibet Autonomous Region

23rd November 2018
Earlier this month, Chinese authorities launched a patriotic online legal test for Tibetans.Read more

Residents of eastern Tibet face their water supply being diverted

16th November 2018
Provincial authorities plan to divert the Yellow River away from Amdo and towards the city of XiningRead more

Thousands evacuated as second landslide hits Chamdo area

13th November 2018
Second landslide in less than a month hits Chamdo area. Thousands evacuated from flooded areas.Read more

Tibetan community pushes back against plan to divert their water supply

13th November 2018
The community in Chone County protested after local authorities announced their intentions to divert a nearby riverRead more

Fatal self-immolation confirmed in eastern Tibet

8th November 2018
23-year old Dhopo called for the Dalai Lama's return to TibetRead more

Tibet Airlines expands operations

8th November 2018
Eight new air routes announcedRead more

China challenged on its human rights record in Tibet at the UN

7th November 2018
More recommendations on Tibet raised than ever before.Read more

Spanish authorities "courageously" stand up to Chinese pressure

5th November 2018
Elected Tibetan leader Lobsang Sangay permitted to speak at trade fair, despite objections from Chinese delegationRead more

Lodi Gyaltsen Gyari, former Special Envoy to the Dalai Lama, passes away

30th October 2018
As an activist and diplomat, Lodi Gyaltsen Gyari inspired countless Tibetans and Tibet supporters...Read more

China promotes legal training for Tibetan Monks

29th October 2018
Teams have been sent to temples across Tibet to promote legal education in an effort to maintain stability.Read more

Larung Gar residents prohibited from celebrating Buddhist festival

23rd October 2018
Residents have been prevented from celebrating the Dechen Shingdrup festival every year since 2016Read more

Nomads in Chone County protest against local authorities

18th October 2018
A group of Tibetans stage a sit-in in front of government buildings against non-payment of compensationRead more

American politicians raise Tibetan human rights

15th October 2018
The CECC's annual report details human rights abuses in Tibet, drawing on information from Free Tibet and Tibet WatchRead more