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CCP cadres dispatched to Chamdo

1st March 2019
Beijing boasts of efforts to promote patriotism throughout Tibet.Read more

Heightened Security at Kumbum Monastery

28th February 2019
Police monitor Tibetan worshippers during New Year festivitiesRead more

Beijing closes Tibet to foreigners over 60th anniversary of the 1959 uprising

26th February 2019
Beijing closes Tibet to foreigners for anniversary of 1959 uprising.Read more

China bars lawyer of jailed Tibetan activist from visiting client as “tense” anniversary approaches

20th February 2019
Imprisoned Tashi Wangchuk has been denied access to his lawyer by Chinese authoritiesRead more

Over 10,000 sign petition rejecting a Tibetan as university student president in Toronto

18th February 2019
Chinese student creates petition to challenge Tibetan after she wins university election in Canada.Read more

Tibetan New Year celebrations curbed by Chinese authorities

15th February 2019
Restrictions put on Losar festivities in Tibet.Read more

Report: Tibet ranked the second least free place in the world

11th February 2019
Analysis by Freedom House highlights ongoing human rights concerns.Read more

Tibetan monks holding classes for children will be punished, China warns

6th February 2019
Local authorities in Tibet warn lessons in monasteries are prohibitedRead more

Human rights groups call for UN resolution against Chinese abuses

30th January 2019
Over forty human rights group sign an open letter demanding a UN resolution against abuses in China.Read more

Tibetan political prisoner released

24th January 2019
Choekyi spent four years behind bars for talking about the Dalai Lama.Read more

Local Tibetan activist held without trial

24th January 2019
A Tibetan anti-corruption campaigner has had his detention extended again.Read more

Religious expression curbed in Lhasa

16th January 2019
Chinese authorities warn Tibetans to keep away from religious festivals over winter.Read more

China escalates its military capability in Tibet

9th January 2019
New technology developed following border disputes between China and IndiaRead more

Evicted monks and nuns regather at Larung Gar

9th January 2019
Former residents mark anniversary of the death of the site's founderRead more

Patriotic events aim to co-opt Tibetan Buddhists

7th January 2019
In December 2018, Chinese authorities put on public displays to foster links between Beijing and Tibet.Read more

Hundreds of Tibetans ordered to immediately return from pilgrimage sites

4th January 2019
Tibetans are faced with harsh travel restrictions and intimidation as they set out to visit pilgrimage sites in...Read more

Interview: Why do we need a Tibetan flag emoji?

4th January 2019
This interview with Pema, one of the campaigners behind the...Read more

2018 - our year in review

25th December 2018
This year was a busy year for the Free Tibet team! Read all about it in our year in review. 2018 was...Read more