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Tibetans sentenced to prison after Panchen Lama gathering

9th May 2019
Dolkar and his nephew Wangchen were sentenced on 8 May. Their current whereabouts are unknownRead more

Death threats against a pro-Tibetan university student in Canada were 'likely' organised by Chinese diplomats, source says

2nd May 2019
Chemi Lhamo received numerous threats after her election as student union president earlier this year...Read more

Tibetan Former Political Prisoner Dies From Ill Health Following Torture

30th April 2019
Pema Wangchen dies from unspecified health issues following release from prison Pema Wangchen, a...Read more

New Tibetan social security cards prompt surveillance fears

26th April 2019
Privacy fears as Chinese authorities roll out personal social security cards in Tibet.Read more

China sentences nine Tibetans to prison for "underworld" activity

24th April 2019
The Chinese government has sentenced nine Tibetans to prison for participating in "underworld" activityRead more

Forensic image of abducted Tibetan leader unveiled on ‘The One Show’

24th April 2019
A forensic image of Tibet's missing Panchen Lama has been unveiled on BBC's The One Show, 24 years after he was...Read more

Tibetans in poverty forced to memorise CCP leaders names in return for aid

18th April 2019
Tibetan's living in poverty must pass test on CCP leaders and the Chinese national anthem to get financial aid from the...Read more

Tibetan sentenced to 18 years in prison for protest

18th April 2019
Chinese sentence political activist Lodoe Gyatso to eighteen years in prison in unknown location.Read more

Chinese Communist Campaigns in Chamdo

16th April 2019
Chinese-state media boasts of patriotic events since 2018.Read more

Tibetan former political prisoner dies from chronic ill health

16th April 2019
Lekshey Thubten dies due to long-term poor health following release from prison Lekshey Thubten, a...Read more

US warns access to Tibet is increasingly limited

3rd April 2019
A report to US Congress demonstrates the tightening restrictions regulating America citizens, including the country’s...Read more

Monks at Sera Monastery lectured on patriotism and separatism

29th March 2019
Communist Party officials use press conference to introduce a range of new policies and restrictionsRead more

Tibetan protesters develop “severe” health conditions in Chinese prison

28th March 2019
Tibetan activists and monks have developed paralysis and eye problems in Chinese run prisons.Read more

China installed new surveillance in Tibet ahead of 1959 anniversary

13th March 2019
Facial recognition cameras were installed in Lhasa taxis ahead of 10 March.Read more

Renewed fears of Chinese censorship at Google

7th March 2019
Employees at the tech company discover ongoing work on Project DragonflyRead more

Beijing pushes ahead with crackdown on religion in China and Tibet

6th March 2019
Beijing to continue crackdown on religion, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said, despite growing international condemnation.Read more