Thousands Demand UK Government Action For Tibetan Convicted In Show Trial

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Free Tibet Campaign today delivered thousands of postcards to Lord Malloch-Brown at the British Foreign And Commonwealth Office. The postcards, signed by thousands of Free Tibet supporters, call on the UK government to take up the case of the wrongfully convicted Tibetan nomad, Runggye Adak.

At the Lithang Horse Festival in August, Adak made an impassioned public call for the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet. He was immediately arrested and thousands of Chinese troops descended on Lithang to disperse the hundreds of Tibetans who had gathered to demand Adak's release.

Radio Free Asia reported that Adak was tried on 29 October at the Ganzi Autonomous Prefecture People's Court and convicted of charges of "splittism", a serious offence under Chinese law which carries a lengthy sentence and, in some cases, life imprisonment.
Adak is due to be sentenced imminently.

Free Tibet Campaign has mobilised its supporters to apply maximum pressure on the UK Government to take up the case with the Chinese Government before Adak is sentenced.

In addition to mobilising the postcard campaign, Free Tibet is asking people to make their individual MPs aware of the case, calling on them to ascertain from Lord Malloch-Brown exactly what steps the UK will take to challenge this obvious miscarriage of justice.

Free Tibet Campaign's Sophie Bod, who delivered the postcards, said:

"Adak's conviction is a travesty. All he did was to call for the Dalai Lama's return to Tibet. Before Adak is sentenced, the British Government must immediately and publicly condemn this miscarriage of justice. Without external pressure Adak is almost certain to receive a lengthy sentence. Lengthy imprisonment in Tibet, where political prisoners are routinely tortured, is tantamount to a death sentence."


Write to your MP on behalf of Runggye Adak as part of our urgent campaign.