Tanks in Machu

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Free Tibet Campaign's contact in Machu County has spoken online with a very reliable source in Machu County. The source told our contact that he had witnessed at 5pm local time the arrival in Machu County of 25 trucks carrying troops armed with guns. The eyewitness said he had also seen several tanks arriving in the county. Theyewitness has gone to try and take photos of the recently arrived troops carrying trucks and tanks. The eyewitness is now attempting to secure photos of the troops and tanks.

Our contact in Dharamsala has also spoken by phone with a source in Bazang county in Yunnan province. The source said that he had witnessed many posters posted on a wall calling for a free Tibet.

Our contact has also heard today from monks at Kirti monastery in Dharamsala that they spoke by phone to a reliable source in Aba town in Sichuan province. The monk in Aba coun ty reported that police were making announcements from car-driven loudhailers to the populace of Aba county. The police were calling on the leaders of the demonstration to surrender. The monk reported that the police announced that those who surrendered would be forgiven for their involvement in the demonstration. The monk also reported that he had heard that any one carrying arms should durrender the arms and that they would be rewarded for turning in their arms.

Aba town is the scene.

Matt Whitticase
Press Officer, Free Tibet Campaign


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