Footage, photographs and update from today's self-immolation and protests in Tibet

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Footage (1), photographs (2) and update from today’s self-immolation and protests (3) in Tibet


Today, 14 March 2012, at 10:14am local time, monk Jamyang Palden went to Dolma Square in Rongwo and prostrated three times beside Rongwo Monastery before shouting, “Let His Holiness return! Freedom for Tibet and the Tibetan language!” He then set himself on fire.

Chinese security forces have been monitoring and patrolling the monastery in recent weeks. As a result, they were quick to respond to the self-immolation and Chinese officials covered his body with a sheet to put the flames out. Jamyang was taken to hospital. A number of monks later went to the hospital and took him back to Rongwo Monastery because they were concerned that he would be arrested if he remained in the hospital. He is now being treated for his burns at the monastery.

Born in 1973, Jamyang Palden was the fifth child of six. At 18, he joined the monastic order; described as ‘calm, humble and virtuous’, his two loves were reading and listening to Buddhist teachings. Jamyang was arrested and tortured after taking part in Tibetan protests in March 2008; he sustained serious injuries during his time in detention that required long-term medical care.

After the self-immolation, up to 500 monks and many lay people gathered in the town square from about midday (4); they were joined by students from Yifu School who had earlier been protesting inside their school. They attempted to march to the government building from the square but were stopped by the military. Lama Shar Kyabgon (5) of Rongwo Monastery, a high lama, spoke to the crowd. The protesters were shouting slogans demanding the return of the Dalai Lama and equality for Tibetans.

A large number of military trucks have since been seen arriving at the town.


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