Young writer arrested by China's police

21st April 2015

Lomig critical of China's policies

A Tibetan writer, popularly known as Lomig, was arrested in Ngaba county town, eastern Tibet, on 17 April at 11.30pm. His current whereabouts and condition are unknown. The reason for his arrest is also not known. However other Tibetan writers speculate that he was detained because of articles he wrote which criticised China's policies in Tibet and highlighted the situation of the Tibetan people.

Freedom of expression violated

Lomig, also known as Jo Jamyang, is 27 years old. He became a monk and studied at the Kirti school of Buddhism for Youth, before the Chinese authorities forcefully closed the school. Lomig continued his studies in other monasteries and became an influential figure among young Tibetans in his area by initiating public debates in Ngaba and giving talks at schools. His writing about the underlying causes of the 2008 uprising and self-immolations, environmental destruction and restrictions on freedom of expression have been published on various Tibetan blogs and websites. He also published the book “Surge of Yellow Mist” in 2010.

Tibetan resistance

Ngaba and the Kirti monastery are centres of resistance to Chinese rule. Three of the five most recent self-immolation protests have taken place in Ngaba. Take action Lomig was arrested for expressing his right to freedom of expression. Tibet’s Jailed Musicians were also arrested for expressing this right through song. Help to free Tibet's Jailed Musicians by signing our petition to China's minister of justice.