Young monk in solo protest

27th December 2014

Beaten after displaying Dalai Lama image and calling for freedom

A young Tibetan monk, named Lobsang Trinley, carried out a solo protest in Ngaba County yesterday (26 December). He walked out onto "Heroes' Street" around 4:40pm local time carrying a large photo of the Dalai Lama with the Tibetan national flag in the background. He continued down the street shouting "Gyalwa Rinpochoe Trilo Tenper Shoo", which means 'long live His Holiness the Dalai Lama', and "Bola Rangwang Goo", which means 'Tibet needs freedom'.

Harsh response from security forces

Images of Lobsang Trinley's protestImages of protest and security forces

After a few minutes he was stopped by PAP security forces while passing the county police station. He was beaten and then arrested. Tibetans in the vicinity started to protest and tried to snatch him back from the police. But within a few minutes armed security forces converged on the site and dispersed the crowd. One source told us: “I saw some Tibetans arrested and some got hurt but could not recognise them because Tibetans in the crowd are not from one village and also the situation was too tense”. Lobsang Trinley is in his early twenties and comes from village no.4 of Meruma town in Ngaba County, Ngaba Prefecture, Sichuan. He has been a monk at Kirti monastery since childhood. The area is now under lockdown with restrictions on the movement of local Tibetans and communications have been cut.

Solo protests in 2014

This is the latest of recurring protests by individuals throughout 2014, such as Sonam Yarphel's protest on 26 November. Read our overview of Tibet's resistance and Free Tibet's work in 2014 here.

Take action

Any form of protest is met severely by the Chinese authorities, even simply singing songs expressing national pride. Please share this news story and join our campaign to free Tibet’s Jailed Musicians.